Chapter 576 - He loved and possessed...!!!

David stayed with the same stony expression. He was trying to seek. He wanted to see how Blood king would react to seeing Derek's wolf since he was supposed to die with David?

"It seems Mr. Astor didn't teach his grandson the rules?" Derek ignored the person and looked at old Mr. Astor with a cold, ruthless look.

Everyone in A country knows that something big always happens once Derek Wolf comes to the public.

This scared Mr. Astor; he looked at his grandson with a furious expression. "Fool, know your place. Bow to Master Wolf right now."

The older man ordered Oscar, but when Rebel and Oscar heard this, they felt like they had heard the biggest joke.

This man in front of him was the root of A country after Black Dragon, yet someone else wanted him to bow in front of a person who isn't even the actual owner of Black Dragon.

They couldn't accept this, But Oscar didn't even look tense. Instead, he calmly looked at Derek.

"Mr. Wolf wanted me to greet you. I did. Now it's your choi
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More chapters please
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Wilberene Cameron
We have 30 chapters to go and I am not going to read any more books from authors and less it complete
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please update a few more chapters tonight x

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