Chapter 579 - A wounded beast.!!!

None of them was real because the Astors buried the truth in a deep grave that no one knew, but now it seems things were getting complicated.

The world would discover the secret that Oscar and the entire Astor family had kept hidden.

Then that photo changed again, and suddenly the old madam Astor appeared on the screen.

That photo was so shocking that people were frightened to the core. They couldn't even think how someone could do this.

A boy with his back facing the camera was standing beside a dead body, holding a bloody hammer in his hand. Blood dripped down from the hammer as he stood beside the corpse.

at first, it was tough to recognize who it was, but when they saw another photo closely zoomed in on the corpse's face,

Everyone could barely stand on their feet because the shock was too great compared to the first. This one was even more frightening.

They were shocked. Everyone felt their hearts would burst out anytime, and the people covered their eyes.

She had her h
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Masego Appels
oh author ... no I can't take no more ... ... ... ... ... where is David and Kate....please we are pleading with you please ... ... ...
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Jāxlãäñ Jāxóø
Next chapter plxx
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Masego Appels
Is this how you are going to leave us hanging..... update long overdue please do something ... complete it with good ending

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