Chapter 580 - Turned to ashes...!!!

Now all he wanted was a good night with his wifey.

Because he knew Derek would handle the rest of them, and for Blood king, he had prepared another gift for him.

David walked to the bedroom. He almost tiptoed when he walked closer to the bed. When he got closer, his heart turned cold with fear.

The person sleeping peacefully was now drenched with sweat, and she was curled into a ball; David thought she had a fever.

But when he got closer and was about to scope in his arms, he heard her saying something and crying in her sleep.

When he tried to sort out what she was saying, he heard something which confused him even more.

"Please don't hurt him," Kate murmured, and as if she was seeing something heart-wrenching, she cried painfully that scared the shit out of David.

David grabbed Kate when he felt she resisted his touch, which pained him. However, he still hugged her in his arms.

"Wifey." David softly whispered in Kate's ear., Little did he know the effect he had on her; Kate

Guys, sorry for the late reply. I had a miscarriage the last February; this was the second time I had lost my baby; I thought everything would get better soon until I felt a pain in my abdomen again. I was already frightened by my second miscarriage, so I went to the doctor, and really got something bad, and now I'm taking treatment because my uterus is severely damaged. I'm still taking the treatment, so pray for me; I need time to heal my heart and my body.

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Fiona Adai
sorry for your lost. do take care
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Portela Nelson
u will be healed dear and u will have more children than u already expected ...
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Andrea Llamera Del
dear author it's been a long time since you update when are going to update the next chapter? we're waiting for a time it's almost a month

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