Chapter 584 - Demons...!!!

"They starved him when he refused to take the formula, and he fell sick." She said with tears in her eyes; when she said these words, the entire coward fell into a deep slumber.

Kate couldn't keep his tears from falling like rain; she kissed the little boy's face. She knew no matter how much she spent her love to wipe away the bad memories from this boy's life, the little angel had suffered too much.

And the mark on his cheek would remind her until she lived how much her son had suffered in that bastard's hand.

David couldn't keep his legs in place, so he walked to his son and wife and hugged them tightly as if he was shielding them from the unhappiness and sadness they had to suffer because of one mistake.

"It's okay, wifey; our son is a brave hero." David couldn't find words to comfort her because he knew her heart was in pain.

When no one was seeing, the coldness in his eyes surged because the fire of revenge in his eyes had turned into lava long ago.

Robert fisted his hand on

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Lyn C.
hope your doing well,thank you for the updates
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Nicole Haynes
Hope your doing well. Praying for you ...
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I hope you write how they torture the woman who hurt Daniel

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