Chapter 586 - His heart ached...!!!

Inside the car, David looked outside; Robert was driving to an address, god knows where, but he didn't ask where they were going.

"Whatever you will see or know, keep them to yourself, don't tell anyone, especially my father-in-law." David's sudden order puzzled them.

"What do you mean, Bro?" Aiden asked.

But he had reason to take Aiden with him since he wanted to be sure he had his use.

"You will find out soon." He said seriously.

Soon he was in deep thought; no one knew what he was thinking in this crazy dangerous mind of his; only he knew what he always ponders in his head; they couldn't even guess his mind even though they spent thousands of years.

After half an hour, their car entered the private property, and the area was between a forest area, and they could tell the person who owned this place was no ordinary person.

The car stopped before a villa between the forest, and they got off; a man walked outside "

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