Chapter 587 - Idiot father...!!!

"He saved her," David said with a sad expression; his heart ached for his mother-in-law, who had suffered so much and almost died at the hand of a vicious woman who ruined her entire family.

When they heard him say this, their minds were in a total mess; he saved her, but how? Also, no one knows about him being the son of Nate Allen instead of Jack Allen, but how does he know about this?

"He always knew about his birth secret since he had turned ten years old, and even though he knew about this, he could do nothing since my respectful father-in-law went into hiding for almost 15 years.

How would he know where he went, even if I had to find him with all my sources? Only then did he find him."

(Back to the day David found out about the hidden location of Oscar Astor where he had kept his wife)

"But who are you? How do you expect me to believe a phone call? What if you're trying to mess with me?" David asked with a hint of anger and hesitation.

He knew there was never a free meal

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