Chapter 589 - Impossible...!!!

That day there were two boys, one was Oscar Astor, and another was someone they didn't know. This mystery puzzled him; why Oscar Astor claimed to be that boy since he was not?

But David found nothing about it.

After leaving that room, David felt light-hearted since he had long wanted to do this, but his anger and revenge were yet to be done; these people deserve a worse life than a peaceful death.

They destroyed 15 years of the entire family's life, yet it would be unfair to his wife, brother-in-law, and mother-in-law if they got an easy death.

"I'm leaving; I've left the rest of them to you; when you're done with it, inform me, and I'll surely enjoy the show,"

David said to Kevin. When the little man heard this, he felt sad; he couldn't help but want to leave the country with his mother and sister.

But he wouldn't repeat the same mistake as his father and leave everything halfway just to let his enemies strike him in the future.

He wanted to fix everything before his mother ope

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