Chapter 591 - Pride for being single..!!!

"Wifey, this time, I'll not give anyone a chance to get close to our family; this is a husband's promise to his wife, a father's promise to his children's mother," David said firmly.

Kate felt his promise with her heart.

She smiled and touched his face. "Darling, it doesn't matter how many times the universe tries to separate us because every time, my heart will find the way back to you." she would sacrifice the world for him.

David's guilt broke her heart; she didn't want him to feel guilt over someone else's crime; someone else wanted to harm their family; it was significant enough that she was alive so that David could still escape this guilt.

"Darling, let it go; it wasn't any of our faults; that man was too sinister,"

Kate whispered in a low voice when she saw the man's eyes were like a thunderstorm when she mentioned that man.

"I'm sorry, darling, I'll let him taste how it feels like to be in despair; I'll not give him an easy death, and the person who hurt ou

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thanks author i hope that you can finish this book soon
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thank you author
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Jo Ang
I paid for the same chapter twice. I thought y so good to have 2 chapters update. Refund

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