Chapter 592 - Someone generous...!!!

The people outside the kitchen could feel the sweetness coming from the kitchen even after being far away from the kitchen.

But they pretend not to notice it because, damn, it hurts their pride for being single in the presence of a couple like David and Kate.

David washed strawberries and handed a bowl to his wife; Kate took the bowl and picked up a fresh strawberry. When the juicy strawberry touched her tongue, she smiled; she had a wicked idea in her head.

Suddenly David felt a pair of hands on his waist as he sighed helplessly, but all he could do was put down the knife because he didn't dare to be careless.

Kate pulled his face to the side. "Darling, the strawberries taste too good." She smiled innocently; David looked at her red ears; he knew she was too daring.

"Okay," he replied as she said innocently.

"Do you like to taste it?" Kate asked him as if giving him a chance; David was not a naïve teen who wouldn't know what was going on in her little head


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