Chapter 593 - She returned...!!!

Kate's mouth twisted with shock; she couldn't believe someone would be so generous with gifts.

"I didn't; someone generously gifted this for you and our baby," David confirmed their doubts. Kate turned to David in consternation.

David patted her head "Someone precious gifted this for our baby and you; you should accept them because this is your right as the person who should own these."

David didn't want her to feel bothered by the price or how expensive these were; even what he had stockpiled in their home wasn't a smaller amount than these gifts, there was nothing in front of them, but this was not what changed his mind.

Money is just a number for David, but what touched him, the teen boy who had done his best for his sister and nephews, and nieces at such a young age?

He is not even 15 yet; that made David believe in that boy, so David didn't want to hide anything from Kate; he would leave the decision to her because that boy needed his family.

Kate was now his only family who cou
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yegireddi devika
are you ok. that's a great comeback. hope you will healthy and relax.
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thank you for updating this chapter ......️
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author are you okay ? hope you’re doing well . thank you for updated chapter .

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