Chapter 595 - Wild lion...!!!

As a father, even though he never expressed with words, only he knows how much he missed them and how much he felt guilty leaving them all alone.

Richard's mansion was 40 minutes away from the airport, so with Liam's driving skills, they took about 30 minutes; Kate usually fell asleep whenever David was with her, no matter how small or distant she was traveling.

But at this moment, she only felt she couldn't keep her eyes closed for a second, as if she would fall asleep the next second and miss the moment of finally seeing her family.

David felt her hand on his palm, sweating intensely; he felt her nervousness, so he tightened his hold. "Everything is going to be okay." This requirement from this man was like heaven's will for her.

Her restless heart finally calmed down, and she smiled brightly.

The car stopped in front of the first check post before they could enter Richard's mansion; Liam lowered the window on both sides, the military officer walked to the car, and Adam put his
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Jan Olson
This blows your mind !
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it's OK Author Tsi. We ate happy that you updated.
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it's okay author

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