Chapter 596 - Dowry...!!!

Old master Richard was fond of Kate since their marriage; he was present, even though he was overly affectionate; he knew she was no ordinary girl.

He felt respect toward this little girl who could tame a wild lion-like David Xiver; she could be anything but an ordinary girl.

"Okay, as you wish, but don't forget this old man; as much as they are children of the Xiver family, they are also god-great-grandchildren of this old man, so keep coming anytime to trouble this old man."

The older man said with a sigh, what he could, if possible, he wanted to keep the angles to himself.

But he knew that was not possible, so he let them go.

After dinner, Liam drove David and the others back home; since Adam had just returned, David didn't want him to come along and spend time with his parents and grandpa.

Adam knew, so he stayed back, but in his heart, he couldn't understand it was not like David hadn't any other properties; why did he have to return to the south mansion, since their enemies kne
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What about Amy and Alex??
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she have a contact of the father of Noah. trouble again and again. suffering to suffering. when this to end
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hmmf Nina is the pain un ass. smile something trouble. hmmmfff

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