Chapter 598 - Dipped in poison...!!!

As a mother, she could sacrifice the world for her son without a second thought, let alone go to the living hell; she wouldn't think twice. Otherwise, her life would be worthless.

"Where are brother- and sister-in-law?" Nina asked when she first hid her meeting from David; she had already caused mental torture for herself, and she didn't want to keep it from them anymore; it would be nothing a foolish decision.

"They just went to their room; I think my brother went to change his clothes to head to the hospital to meet brother Alex,"

Rose informed; she failed to notice the tension and helplessness on Nina's face because she would never have imagined in her dream her sister was facing such a life-death situation in just a few minutes.

Their brother and sister just returned, and their family reunited; who knew someone already knew about this secret when David Xiver stepped on S country?

That man hid too deeply; even the old master Welsh had control over his absolute power; he was so
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I love d story so touching
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Alex, poor boy

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