Chapter 599 - Rebuild...!!!


Hearing this name, Alex felt he had passed the most challenging time in his life, and the lightness wiped off the darkness.

"Master." Alex's voice was shaking when he took this name.

The book fell from his hand, when he realized it, he tried to pick it up, but someone beat him with it. David walked in front of his bed and picked up the book. He put the book on the bedside table.

Seeing Alex after so long, he felt guilty inside; he had seen Alex lifelessly lying on the hospital bed and the ripped-open wounds all over his body.

David remembered his body without a soul, yet he left as a strong brother beside Alex.

But he has to choose again; he must decide to leave again, but he also believes Alex would hold on and fight to go against his fate.

David patted his shoulder; Alex couldn't hold himself back and hugged his master without hesitation, not because he was sad but because he was too happy to see his master alive in front of him.

Also, he felt guilty; he failed to protect t
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I hope David will find a cure for Noah.
goodnovel comment avatar
i think Devin will take over black dragon because he is more like david...

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