Chapter 600 - Wait too long...!!!

Since we already met Alex and the doctor, where are we going?

"To meet someone important." David's voice suddenly turned cold; even Liam felt David's mood had changed again; he couldn't tell why. But he felt a bit chilly.

Liam was puzzled; since David had just returned, who else could be so crucial for him to meet in such a hurry? Also, Max had already transferred to another city near his family since they were not from this city.

But David already told Max's parents that as long as Max has a little hope to get well, even if it were 1%, David would provide him with 100% treatment.

Also, the doctor said Max's condition was more stable, so David allowed his men to send Max to his parents; they just needed to take care of him.

Liam followed David in a confused mind; they took the elevator. To the 10th floor, David walked out, following Liam behind him; Liam saw a few doctors standing near the elevator, lining up and bowing when they finally saw the person.

"Master Xiver, welcome." eve
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Wilberene Cameron
If I am mistaken we only have 3 or 6 chapters left.
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Leah Noah
I love it.
goodnovel comment avatar
I am glad aunty Lin wasn’t a traitor..I hope she survives this..what a good twist!

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