Chapter 627 - Don't touch him...!!!

"Kevin, she even brainwashed you, come to grandpa, this woman had ruined my sons; I won't let her ruin my only grandson." he almost dragged Kevin to his side.

But someone beat him on it; It frustrated old master Allen when he saw a pair of hands grab Kevin’s other hand and pull him to the opposite side.

When old master Allen saw who it was, he almost spilled blood “bastard, what do you want? Why are you pulling my grandson?” He was already on the verge of getting a heart attack.

Nate pushed Kevin behind him and looked at old master Allen like he was looking at a stranger; there was not even an ounce of sympathy or care about what a son should have for his father.

“Old master Allen, don’t you think you’re pulling the wrong person,” Nate asked; even though he had said these words simply, his words had different meanings.

Old master Allen couldn’t take anymore and raised his hand to slap Nate; Kevin and Kylie were stunned, they thought Nate would stop old master Allen, but the sound prov
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Masego Appels
I love this story but I miss reading about my two favorite characters David and Kate I can't wait. Author great story can't wait for the end well done!!!!!
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rebecca pownall
this story is keeping me on my toes cant wait for the next chapter x
goodnovel comment avatar
Utnah Kakim Matalam
frustrating it's so short .

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