Chapter 628 - Twist...!!!

"Mia Smith, let go of my son, don't touch him with your dirty hands."

Kevin, who his mother tightly held, couldn't help but glee in his heart; that's what he wanted from the beginning.

Now his mother had finally announced his identity in public; he would no longer hold the names of Jack Allen and Mia Smith on his shoulder as a burden.

Mia and Jack looked at Kylie as if she had lost her mind. Old master Allen almost cursed Kylie for saying such daring things. The older man didn't know god long cursed him for his evil deed.

God always gives people chances but never forgives the person who committed sin repeatedly without caring about people's lives.

While Jack wished Kevin would be his and Kylie's son, his dream was left a mere plan because she never chose him, but still, Kylie's words angered him a little; Kevin was his son, and he would never go easy if anyone said he was Nate Allen's son.

Mia looked at Kylie suspiciously to find out if Kylie had lost her mind after getting pois
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Wild Flower
Woww love it more more~we chapter .........
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rebecca pownall
squeeze the life out of her, what a horrible woman she is! looking forward to more chapters x

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