Chapter 629 - Insane creation...!!!

A 15-year-old gentle and harmless boy turned into a living monster.

This made everyone hold on to their seat; the people who supported Mia Smith suddenly felt tightness in their throats; they now finally showed fear in their eyes.

Mia felt her soul was about to leave her body anytime, but she couldn't get a word to stop Kevin; finally, at that moment, she knew the fear of death, and yeah, her eyes showed the fear.

Only then did a hand grab Kevin's hand.

"Let go." Nate stopped him; he didn't want Kevin to stop, but how could, as a father, let his 15-year-old son become a monster in everyone's eyes just by killing a creature like Mia Smith?

Kevin turned his eyes, and when he saw Nate's eyes, he was stunned. He thought Nate would scold him for being impulsive, but what was in them the pride and love a father should have for his son?

Kevin reluctantly let go of her, and Mia lost her strength as she fell to the ground; she coughed to catch her breath, and her face turned blue from lac
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Wild Flower
Wowwww love it dadada I hope 2 chapter hu hu please author .........
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rebecca pownall
I cant wait for Kate to meet Kevin. thankyou for the update x

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