Chapter 630 - As trash...!!!

He hated that woman to the core, but at this moment, he wished he could strangle her to death; he also believed what Kylie said because she was June Hall, god's insane creation.

Nate turned to look at Kylie; how does she even know this? Even Kevin didn't know about this; his grandmother only told him her brother was the one who did everything, but she didn't know how he did it.

Even his investigations failed to discover everything, but Nate was different; he already knew about it since he knew about June Hall and his uncle's crazy mind.

That's what they minded, but how does Kylie know about this? Kevin looked at his mother in complete shock because, as far as he knew, she didn't even know about him until he told her, so what's going on?

Kylie looked at the father and son duo; she smiled but didn't say anything because it was not the time to explain,

"Mia Smith, because of you, my children and I suffered endless pain and cruelty, but look how god punishes you; you had to raise the
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Wild Flower
Woww I'm so touch 4 d revelation
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Franklin Gaburno
amazing .........
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rebecca pownall
getting so good kinda wish it never ends x

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