Chapter 632 - Revenge...!!!

What he was doing was for her son and daughter-in-law; she was more than happy to see the end of Jack Allen and Mia smith.

Her words horrified old master Allen, but the look on her face was enough to show that she was not joking; she was seriously not going to help him; by this thought, he grabbed her even more tightly.

These men didn't care about him and grabbed Jack Allen and dragged him through the floor like he was some dirty rug; old master Allen couldn't take anymore and threw his walking stick and kneeled with so many difficulties

"Nate, I wronged you; I put this bitterness for you in his heart, just let him live; I'll send him far away from this place; he would never appear in front of you,

old madam; I know I broke my promise to you, but we spent 45 years together, I know somehow I also hurt you, but for me,

tell Nate to forgive Jack for the last time." the old man remorsefully begged in front of both Madam Allen and Nate Allen.

It devastated old madam Allen to see t
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