Chapter 633 - Thank God...!!!

He wished he had just spent their old age together hand in hand, leaving power and wealth aside.

But he realized how cruel nature takes revenge on an evil heart.

The assistant took him out in the car and tried to find where they had taken old madam Allen.

Old master Allen clenched his fist and looked even worse by the situation; he failed to track where these people took his wife.

He was helpless in that situation.

On the other side of the city,

David cut off the connection and looked at the message Aiden and Robert had sent him repeatedly. He was a little regretful. If he knew she would get a heart attack after he requested her to go there, he would never call her to go there.

He didn't expect the older man's selfishness to affect her like that. Before he could think anything, the door burst open, and a sleeping beauty entered with a sleepy expression.

Kate took a shower and went down with her morning routine, but in the end, she felt like she did not get enough sleep. So she
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Wild Flower
Omg author please make a twist spare d life og old madam ... ... ... ...
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Phyllis Spivey
Please finish this book, this is costing a lot

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