Chapter 634 - Overconfident Donkey...!!!

The number was enough to alert him "hmm." After that, he silently heard everything; the more time passed, the more mysterious his expression became.

"Let them have fun, but in a limited way," David said coldly as if the man didn't say anything important; Kate became curious by his sudden coldness.

Kate raised her ear and tried to hear what he was saying or who was on the other side of the phone; David said a few words and hung up; Kate looked at him with bilking eyes "who was it?"

David raised his hand and poked her cheek, which looked puffy when she pouted, "Someone who is restless to know about our return." Again, David stroked her cheek; just thinking about that person gave him a feeling of killing.

Because that bastard was the cause of his wife and his pain, how could he forget everything so soon?

Kate realized who he meant; a black line appeared on her forehead.

"That bastard." Just thinking about him was enough to make her mad over nothing; that bastard was nothing but a li
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Ley Dela Cruz Jacob
Wow 30 chapters ... Thank you Author for updating...
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Chemc Chemc
The author could say something. Keeping quiet makes us anxious
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Ley Dela Cruz Jacob
I finished 1 book again, but still there's no update here. I hope you will be okay author.

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