CEO Husband's Crazy Love For His Little Wife
CEO Husband's Crazy Love For His Little Wife
Author: TSI

Chapter 1 : * Sudden marriage proposal *

"Can you please tell me why your master wants to marry me? I don't even know him?" Kate looked at him with her fearful and confused gaze.

She was feeling very nervous.

"Miss, if you want to save Mr. Waston's company, marry our master. This is the only condition our master has for you," he told her.

Kate thought, "how could I marry a man whom I have never met in my life, but he knew she didn't have any other options to save her adopted father's company?"

"I need some time to think about it," Kate felt confused. She was just a college student. Alex stood from the chair and looked at her.

"Miss, you have only one day to think about this deal," Alex handed a card to Kate. "If you change your mind and agree to marry our master, then please call in this number." Kate took that card from Alex "thank you."

Alex turned around and left that coffee shop; Kate sat there in a daze; she felt like the entire world was crushing her hard.

Alex came out of the coffee shop and quickly went inside a car. After closing the car door, he turned to the backseat of the vehicle.

A handsome man was sitting there. That man lifted his black eyes from his laptop and looked at Alex. His eyes were icy cold; his one look was enough to give someone a severe heart attack.

Alex felt his sharp gaze; he felt very nervous "master, Miss said she needs some time to think about it."

The handsome man gave him a wintry smile. "Make all the preparations for tomorrow. She will say yes." he looked at the girl who was standing in front of the coffee shop.

Even if she wanted to refuse, she could not.

He was a legendary man of the S country. Everyone had always regarded him as a male god in this city, In S country. Everyone knows how heartless he could be if anyone dared to challenge him.

If he wanted to own something, there was nothing that could stop him. So now he wants to marry her. How could she escape from him? He was the master who could make anyone fall into his trap, and she was just a little girl who had no idea what he desired from her.

"Okay, master" Alex understood his master's order.

"Go," He said to Alex. So Alex started the car and drove off on the road.

He looked at his master from the front mirror; he knew what his master was thinking. He has been following his master for nearly ten years now. He sighed softly; he knew his master's life would take a new turn from tomorrow.

Kate returned to her hostel room at noon, her thoughts running into the conversation in the coffee shop. When her phone rang, she looked at her phone and noticed a call from her mother, Rachel Weston. She answered it.


"Kate, did you meet Mr wood?"

"Yeah, mom, I already met him."

"Kate, what did he say to you?" Is he going to help us?"

"Mom, I'm not sure about it yet, but…."

Rachel Waston cut off her words before she could finish her words.

"Kate, although you're our adopted daughter, all those years, we gave you everything that we gave our daughter sherry. Now we're in deep trouble. Can you please help us?"

These words hurt Kate's heart; even though she knew they never truly cared about her, they owned her life.

Rachel Weston would sell her biological daughter for the money, so why would she be kind enough to spare Kate?

She was a greedy woman. For her, money was everything in her world.

Now their company was in a deep crisis. How could Rachel do nothing to save herself and her so-called image?

"I don't know what you will do, but you have to persuade Mr. Wood to tell his master to help our company, do you understand?

"Okay, mom, I understand; I will do as you say. Rachel Waston hung up the phone call.

Kate was going to have lunch, but now she has lost her appetite. She lowered her head and got lost in her thoughts; Kate did not realize even when someone opened the door,

"Where were you all morning? Amy inquired Kate. Kate came back to her senses and crooked around,

"oh, Amy, when did you come back?" Kate asked with a smile!

Kate and Amy became friends when they entered college, but with time they became best friends.

"What happened? You looked pale," Amy worriedly asked.

"Nothing, I’m just tired. Kate couldn't tell her the truth.

"Tell me truthfully, did that Walton family say anything to you?" Amy looked at her suspiciously.

Amy knows how that bitchy Waston family has treated Kate for the past few years.

"Amy, don't overthink; they didn't tell me anything. I have a headache; that’s nothing to worry about."

"If you say so, okay, have some rest now; I have classes after lunch." Amy took her bag and left the room.

Kate felt relief that Amy didn't force her to say anything else.

She lay down on her bed and thought about her life.

How she could marry a man whom she never met, but it's not like she has any other options. Kate knew she had to return the debt she owed them.

Kate sighed; she had to sacrifice her freedom and her future for her debts.

In a luxurious VIP private room, there were three people inside the room.

These three men looked super handsome. However, these three men have different characteristics.

On the right side of the sofa was a man; he looked playful and easy-going. His name is Adam Richard. S country playboy, even though he never played with women, he was a little flirty.

On the opposite side, a man looked very calm and severe; he looked courteous. His name is Liam Jones.

In the middle, there was the most handsome man. In a black suit, he was the king of the S country's business world, David Xiver.

One look from him was enough to make any woman crazy for him. S Country's people know he is a heartless psycho if anyone tries to challenge him.

He taught them harsh lessons that they wish they were never born. He never cared for anyone other than his friends and hers. 


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