Chapter 2 : * He Made this Mansion for her *

"Are you sure you want to force an innocent little girl like her to marry you"? Adam looked at David; he was trying to find out if he was joking or not.

"Why? Do you have any problems if I marry her?" David looks at them with no expression on his face.

Adam was speechless; he just wanted to know if he was serious about this marriage or not; why did he have to react like this?

Adam looked at Liam and hinted at him to say something to that old wolfman.

Liam looked at David," David bro, you know you have an obsessed character. How can a little girl like her be able to handle you?

Also, your age and her age have too much of a gap between them. Are you sure about this marriage? Also, you know you have more than one danger around you."

Liam knows David and his character very well; that's why he wanted to know what David was thinking.

David glared disapprovingly at them; he was glaring at them because they called him old. That was his sore spot.

The door pushed open from outside, and Alex arrived inside the suite,

Liam and Adam sighed in relief.

"Master, just now, Miss Waston called me; she has agreed to marry you," Alex said with a radiant smile.

David chuckled" I already told you she would say yes. See, I knew it"

He stood up and looked at Liam and Adam," I have some important work to finish. You two, enjoy yourself."

He was in progress walking toward the suite door but suddenly stopped walking and curved around.

"Hey, you two are my best friend and bro, so don't dare to forget your bro's wedding gift."

After he finished, Adam spat the wine from his mouth and ruined his milky white shirt, But David ignored him and left the suite immediately. Alex will also follow up with David.

David left Adam and Liam stunned. Then, coming back to their senses, they felt like they were dreaming; since when did this fellow care about their gifts?

"Is he going to marry that cute little girl?" Adam asked, unsure.

"I think he is serious about this," Liam said with a long sigh.

They are sure this time their brother was serious about his decision; after leaving the hotel, David gets in the car with Alex.

He had something in his mind, “Alex, go to the south city."

Alex immediately understood where his Master wanted to go. He started the car and drove off toward the south city.

Forty minutes later, they reached their destination.

"Master, we are here."

Alex got out of the car first and went to open the car door for David.

David got out of the car and stood in front of a luxurious mansion.

Twenty minutes passed, but David just stood still there without moving and silently kept looking at the mansion. He had no intention of entering the estate.

Alex thought, Master, if you don't want to go inside, why did you want to come here at this hour? Are you an owl?

"have you finished all the preparations?" David's sudden voice terrified Alex?

"Yeah, Master, do you need anything else?" Alex immediately answered.

"Yeah, after our marriage registration, we will live in the East Park apartment for the time being, so prepare everything she would need in our apartment."

"Master, are you and madam not going to live here" Alex was so confused.

Master had spent a fortune to make this mansion for madam but now why does he want to move into an East park apartment?

"Of course, we'll live here, but not now; this is not the right time yet."

After that, David turns around and gets in the car.

"Yes, yes, you're the master, so of course, you know the right time better than me."

But he didn't dare to say this in front of his Master; he also gets in the car and starts the car.

David looked outside the car window and thought something. He made this luxurious mansion for her and their future.

That was his love for her; when she would accept him, this mansion would be their home, but she agreed to marry him because he forced everything.

He can understand, and he will wait for her; this sudden marriage is enough to shock her, so, for now, he better not throws any other surprises at her.

Otherwise, all surprises would not give her any happiness. Instead, it would terrify her more. David wants to make her the happiest woman in this world; she will be his wife tomorrow; he could see her anytime he wanted, that thought made him happy.

The following day Kate's phone rang before she woke up.

She ignored the call and fell asleep again, but her phone was constantly ringing.

She gritted her teeth in frustration,

After some time, her eyes were still closed; she stretched her hand to grab her phone and answer the call without looking at the screen.


"Hello Miss, I'm here to pick you up."

He thought about his shameless master; his master has become silly from his happiness,

Otherwise, how could his master order him to pick up madam so early from her hostel?

He thought madam might be sleeping at this hour, not everyone was an owl-like his master, and he had to disturb madam's morning sleep because of his Master.

Sure enough, madam was sleeping, and he became the sinner who had woken her from her beauty sleep, he could tell from madam's sleepy tone.

Kate did not respond first, but she returned to her senses and froze a few seconds; she looked at the time and frowned.

It's only seven o'clock. So why has Mr. Wood come there so early?

"Miss, are you listening?"

Kate arose out of her dazed mind," yeah, I heard you."

Kate remembered something," I think you told me you would come at 10 am, but now it’s only 7 am,”

Alex felt like a fool" Master, this is all your fault." He blamed his master

"master sent something for you. I send someone to deliver that to you; she’ll be there in a minute.”

"Okay," Kate hung up the call.

Kate felt unhappy because she had to wake up from morning sleep.


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