Chapter 4 * Married without seeing her groom *

She asked them” where is Mr Xiver was and why he had not come here yet.”

Alex explained to Kate, ” Miss Master will not come here.”

It confused Kate” will not come here, so what are we doing here without him?

“Miss, all the documents are ready. My master has already signed the papers now. If you have signed the papers, then everything will be complete.”

Kate understood what Mr Carter meant.his means that her groom will not come here.

She felt angry; he is the one who wants to marry her, but now he is the one who doesn't want to come.

That person is irritating,” I thought I would see him today. Did he try to play hide-and-seek with me?”

She put a forced smile on her face and went inside with them.

After 10 minutes, she comes out; she feels like she is dreaming; she becomes a married woman without seeing her groom.

Kate stood there in a daze until Alex called her,

“madam congratulations” Alex happily wished her,

It stunned Kate” Madam?

Kate thought” half an hour ago that he had summoned me as Miss, but now I have become a madam.”

She felt uneasy.

Looking at her expression, Alex understands her uneasiness.

He suddenly called her Madam. She might have felt awkward.

“Madam, please get in the car, I have to make a call.

Kate gets inside the car, going a few steps away from the car. Alex called David.

He was also sitting in a black car in front of the marriage registered office; he was only looking at his wife.

“Master congratulations everything is done. You and madam are a married couple now.”

They have become husband and wife legally at this thought. He felt happiness was boosting inside his heart.

“Okay, take my wife back to her college, she has classes and make sure she is safe, don't let anyone find out about this news” David strictly ordered Alex.

“Okay. I understand, master.”

David hung up the call.

Alex went inside the car and drove off toward Kate's college.

David also followed behind their car; he was looking at his wife.

She is beautiful, like a princess.

“Only his princess.'

He felt thrilled because she wore the gift he sent her, and she looks so beautiful in this dress.

He was very proud of her beauty.

He shopped everything for his princess.

He never enjoys shopping; his assistant always made everything ready for everything for him.”

But he doesn't like the idea that anyone would shop for her, not even his assistant.

Anything related to her only he can do and only he will.

After their marriage, he wants her only for him; he will love her crazily, spoil her with no limit in this world.

Because he wants that whenever she needs something her first and last thought will be only him, she will not think of anyone other than him.

He knew she was angry because she thought he didn't come to the marriage registered office.

But she didn't know he was there only for her.

He didn't want to go to her now; he would go to her when she would desperately want to see him, only then he would come to her,

If he goes to her once, he will never, ever hide from her.

It upset her. He knew he wanted to go to her now. He desperately wanted to hug her in his embrace and wanted to say; now you have me.

David barely controlled himself.

The car stops in front of Kate's hostel; she gets out of the car.

“Thank you, Mr wood, I have classes, so I'm going now. Bye.

Just as Kate turns around to leave, Alex stops her.

“Madam” Alex called her from behind.

“Anything else you need, Mr Wood?"

''Madam, when do I have to come back to pick you up.”

It confused Kate” pick me up today again; why.”

“Madam, from today you will live with our master in your home.”

Kate immediately understood what Alex was trying to say,

She is now a married woman; she has a husband and a home, so she has to go to his house and live there. She sighed softly.

“Can I move out tomorrow? I have a friend here, and she lives with me, and she knows nothing about my marriage, so before I move out I have to give her a reason for my moving out, so can you come tomorrow to pick me up?” Kate told him her reason.

Alex understands” Madam first; I have to get permission from the Master before I can say anything.”

Alex thought, if I don't ask master first before saying anything, the master will throw down from the 100th floors for sure.

“Okay, you can ask your master first,” Kate said with a nod.

Alex takes the phone from the car and calls his Master.

David answered the call immediately,


“Master, Madam wants to move out tomorrow from the hostel” Alex felt freezing air from inside the phone.

David cut the call with no reply.

Seeing his master cut the call saying nothing, it left him speechless.

Ales feel embarrassed” master can't you be more reasonable? Now, what will he say to madam, yes or no?”

Suddenly Kate's phone started ringing,

Kate took out the phone from her bag. Looking at the screen, Kate saw an unknown number.

She answered the call,


Before she asked who it was,

a charming voice came out from the phone.

“You want to move out tomorrow."

David asked her patiently.

Kate immediately knew who this man was; this man is her unknown husband.

Her heart skipped a beat from her sudden realisation.

She has been thinking about him since yesterday,

why he wants to marry her, why he is even hidden from her if he wants to marry her,

does he know her, what does he look like and his voice,

she was curious to know everything about him,

Now hearing his voice. Her full mind went blank for a few seconds.

David watched her from the car window, looking at her shocked face, his lips curled a little. His wife is so cute.

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