Chapter 6 * Goodnight call *

“Don't tell me you want to go to that bloody hell, Waston mansion. Are you crazy? You know how they will treat you, right? Amy angrily scolded Kate.

“No, Amy, do you think I have gone mad? I don't have any plans to go that hell,” Kate refused immediately.

“Then where are you going, Kate don't talk round and round just say clearly” Amy stood up and stood in front of Kate, she glared at Kate.

“Okay, okay, I will tell you everything now, so just sit down, you're making me more nervous like this” Kate pleadingly looked at Amy.

Amy sighed loudly and sat down.

Kate took a deep breath,” Amy, I just got married today.”

“Okay, next, what did you say? I didn't hear you, so say again,” Amy looked at Kate like she was joking with her.

''Actually, I got married today,” Kate said with a low voice.

Suddenly both of them became silent. Kate looked everywhere but didn't dare to look at Amy.

After 10 minutes, Kate started saying everything. Amy was her best friend, so she hid nothing from her and told her.

After Kate finished, Amy didn't know what to say anymore,

she wanted to beat her, scold her, but everything stuck in her brain.

“Kate, how can you do this with your own life.”

“Kate, how can you do this with your own life, how can you become so stupid, you sacrifice your life, future happiness, freedom, everything to a man who you didn't even see, are you a fool?

Kate knows Amy is anxious about her and always thinks about her well-being.

“Amy, I know what I did for them; they do not deserve that, but they adopted me when I had nowhere to go, and I can't see them going bankrupt. I finally returned everything they owned from me.

“You are a fool. I don't know what to say to you anymore.”

“It's okay. I am fine.” Kate smiled at Amy.

“but now what are you going to do,” Amy asks her,

“I have to move to Mr Xiver's home to live there,” Kate said with a sigh,

Amy suddenly thought of something and asked Kate.

“Kate, did that person say anything about divorce? I mean, didn't you see in a drama or movie that some rich men get married for one year or some month because of their reasons and divorce after their problems solved”

Kate looked at Amy with a glare” Amy, suddenly I understood why your IQ is so low because you watch too much nonsense” Kate pinched at Amy's hand.

“Ouch, it's hurt,” Amy groaned in pain” why you pinched me? she pouted her mouth.

“to break your daydream,” Kate gave a sly smile to break your daydream.

“Okay, okay, I know, but Kate, I'm seriously worried about you.”

Kate and Amy both sighed loudly.

“Okay, we will think about this later, now I have to pack, and you will help me."

Amy gave her a weak smile. Returning to the hostel room, they packed together.

After dinner, Kate took a shower. Suddenly her phone rang.

“Kate, your phone is ringing."

Amy was playing games on her phone.

“You receive the call.”

Amy got out of her bed and received the call. Amy just said, ''Hello.''

on the other side of the phone “Who are you? Why did you receive this phone?”

“You call on this phone first, so tell me who you are and who you are looking for,” Amy asked the same question.

“Where is Kate?”

“She is taking a shower so that you can tell me,

Suddenly the phone line got cut.

Amy didn't overthink, and she put the phone on the table.

After ten minutes, Kate came out of the bathroom. “Who called me” Kate was drying her hair with a towel.

“I don't know, but he was looking for you.”


“Yeah, it was a man's voice also I asked him, but he didn't tell me anything,” Amy said to her.

Kate unlocked her phone after seeing the number, and it shocked her.

Her mind and heart felt very nervous.

She called back immediately.

David was sitting in his study and staring at his phone, looking at his phone the whole time until his phone rang and he immediately received the call.

“Did you already finish taking a shower?"

Kate felt like her words were stuck in her throat,

How could he ask her so directly, and how did he know she was taking a shower?

“How do you know I was taking a shower?” she asked angrily.

“Someone told me.” David gave her a chuckle because he knew she was shy,

Suddenly Kate remembered Amy received the call.

She felt like a fool who doesn't understand straight logic. Amy told him otherwise how can know,

“Why did you call me, anything urgent?” she changed the topic hurriedly to hide her embarrassment.

“Can't I call my wife if there is nothing urgent” David felt unhappy. He was missing her, and she is asking why he called?

But Kate feels shy, and her cheeks are blushing.

“Okay, I called you to say goodnight.

It surprised Kate,

“Okay, sleep well, goodnight David is trying very hard not to say anything to frighten her. He wanted to say he was missing her badly.

“Okay, you too, goodnight.” Kate feels warm inside. This is the first time anyone has told her to sleep well.

David felt so happy that he even forgot his unhappiness,

He didn't cut the call immediately; they both fell silent.

“Okay, bye.”

David cut the call. He knew if he talked to her anymore, his desire to see her would only increase, and he couldn't control himself anymore.

Kate stood there in a daze, holding her phone tightly.

She doesn't know why, but she felt a strange feeling inside her heart that she never felt,

“What happened to you? Why are you standing there like a statue?.

After listening to Amy's voice, Kate came to her senses.

“Who called you?”

“Mr Xiver.”

“Oh, your unknown husband," Amy teases Kate.

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