Chapter 12 : * Who cursed their happiness *

Kate just walked away without giving him a second glance.

Evan stood there silently and watched her leave.

He has been trying for almost a year now.

But she always rejected him so directly she didn't leave any hope for him.

But he can't give up on her. He likes her so much.

His name was Evan Smith. He was her senior.

He always thought one day she will accept him,

He told almost everyone in college that he will make her his girlfriend.

Evan fisted his hands.

''Kate you will be mine, you have to accept me''

But he doesn't know she already became someone's wife, and he never could snatch her from him even though he tries his whole life.

In the Starlight conference room,

Liam and Alex were in a meeting.

The conference room door opens from outside.

David walked in.

Suddenly everyone fell silent.

Everyone knows their CEO will not come today.

But his sudden appearance frightened everyone.

David ignored everyone's curious eyes and sat down in his chair.

Liam chuckled”you order everyone not to
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Kabirah Demmy
Wow beautiful love story
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grace adams
these is my best so far
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I love this story

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