chapter 15 : * Wild kiss *

Kate was speechless and didn't know what to say to him at this point. Of course, she was feeling hot from the sun's heat but not so much that she would get sunstroke.

Seeing she was silently staring at him he sighed. Without delay for a second, he held her hand and took her to the car.

He opened the door of the car, put her inside the car, and closed the door.

He went himself to open the driver's seat door, sat inside, closed the door, and drove away.

Amy was still standing there in a shocking state,'' did they just ignore me and leave without saying anything''

David drove for five minutes and then stopped the car in an empty space on the side of the road. David unbuckles his seat belt first,

He then unbuckles Kate's seat belt, grabs her by the waist, and puts her on his lap. His sudden action frightened the kate.

David grabbed the back o

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Lena Isaac
enjoying this book
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Eden Jane Intencion
Too good to be true. are there still man like him nowadays. Nice story.
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Karema Sakandal
what a loving couple, am so happy reading this story......

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