Chapter 16 * His whole world has turned totally up and down *

Kate was left speechless,

how can he say this nonsense,

on the table, there were still some untouched dishes left,

he ordered too much now he was showing her this invalid reason,

even a fool would not believe his words.

“: what do you want to eat for dessert?”

“'I want ice-cream” kate's eyes were sparking like a star.

She really likes ice-cream, but she can't eat it until she has wished to suffer.

“Not possible.” David rejected her immediately.

She pouted her mouth at him,

“Kate, you have a cold problem, you can't eat anything cold, so you can eat anything other than cold food.:”"”

he told her seriously

Kate suddenly remembered something after listening to his words,

'''By the way, how can you know I have a cold problem and I can't eat anything cold?”

Kate looked at him suspiciously.

“You don't have to know, just a

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