Chapter 17 * we have each other *

His restless mind calmed down immediately when he saw her face. she becomes his whole world without his knowledge.

Now in his life, his only wish is to give her everything she desires.

He slowly got up from the sofa with her in his embrace and went to their bedroom. he comes to the bedroom and gently lays her on the bed.

He adjusted the room temperature for her. he kissed her forehead. He also wanted to hug in his embrace and rest early, but he has to do some work now.

So he left the bedroom quietly. He went to the study room.

Picking up his phone, he called Liam.”I think they got some clue already today they sent someone to follow me but thankfully I was alert enough and my man already caught him before he sent anything to them”

David knows now that they have already sent someone to follow him they will no longer sit idly by.

“shit even a dog's nose can't be fast enough from them." Liam cursed these bastards

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