Chapter 18 : * only think of me and miss me *

The next morning, when Kate woke up she couldn't believe her own eyes.

Her whole body was on top of David's body.

Her two hands are wrapped around David's neck and David's hands are wrapped around her waist.

Seeing this kate thought in her head” since when I become so desperate.”

She clearly remembers last night they just hugged each other but now she was lying on top of his body.

Kate tried to get down slowly without waking David.

But David suddenly laughed out loud.

“Using me all night like a sleeping bed now you wake up you're escaping like a thief." Kate really wanted to banish herself in the air when she heard his word. this man was too much, she was sleeping how could she know what she did in her sleeping state.

David woke up much earlier than her.

David was always a light sleeper and sometimes sleeps only three to four hours. sometimes can't even fall asleep at night.

But today he slept pe

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Comments (3)
goodnovel comment avatar
Chioma Anthonette Okoye
David !David !!David!!! make use of pronouns dear author. You have a beautiful storyline but don't make it boring. you can read this chapter yourself to understand what I'm saying
goodnovel comment avatar
Kassandra Dica Abdulsatar
How I wish I could find someone like David
goodnovel comment avatar
Geraldine Souza
David is so controlling, caring of Kate, pretty much or not.

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