Chapter 366: Punching Bag

“One! Two! Three! Four! Five!

Now again!

One! Two! Three! Four! Five!

Now keep on going!”

Lila landed each punch, timing her breaths to the count as she moved her fists, dodging underneath the swing that came towards her head, before blocking the second hit that came to her and moving along with the force of the fist that hit her arm.

The swinging punching bag forced distance between Lila and Tweedle Dum, and she stepped back to where she was stood before, within the path of the moving bad, to put more distance between him and her.

“One! Two! Three! Four! Five!

One! Two! Three! Four! Five!”

Lila punched the bag once more, landing all of her hits.

“Okay, time for a break,” Tweedle Dum announced, grabbing the punching bag and pulling it back to him as Lila moved away from the centre of the room, sitting down on one of the rickety plastic chairs at the side of the room.

She took of

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