Chapter 368: Sleep

“So, is she finally asleep?” Emmet asked the boy stood behind the counter.

He was exceedingly slim for someone surrounded by sugar all day and Emmet could make out the outlines of his spindly elbows through his shirt. His face held a no nonsense, blunt, and almost bored expression.

“Yeah, she is. She’s been knocked out on the sofa since I sent her back there,” Kai answered the long haired man in front of him, his hair pulled back by a ribbon matching his eyes before being pulled over his shoulder once more.

He looked vain.

“Oh good. Don’t tell her that I was involved,” the man asked, putting both his palms up to face Kai.

“I’m telling her that you’re a fucking weirdo for that,” was the scowled answer.

“No. Seriously, don’t tell her. She doesn’t like me and I don’t like her. She’s known my partner for longer that I’ve known him. She doesn’t trust me with him. Why’re you making that face?” Emmet tried to justify himself before giving up

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I'm ill. Expect shorter, later chapters.

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