Chapter 370: EXTRA GRETEL

Yolanda seemed to understand that she needed to back off and stop teasing Gretel, when the other woman's eyes suddenly misted over, and it was if she was no longer a part of this world.

She kept the bubbling annoyance within her away from her face, putting on instead a mask of concern as she reached out and poked Gretel's arms, trying to maybe prod her out of her stupor and bring her back from the recesses of her mind.

Yolanda had never actually seen somebody collapse inwards to a catatonic state over her own actions.

It was interesting to see it all happen and fold out in front of her.

She poked Gretel again, touching her in the face lightly to see if that would possibly work to pull the other woman out of her mind and back into the world where she was needed proper.

It wouldn't reflect well on her if Gretel didn't wake up within the hour.

It didn't feel as

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