Chapter 8: Maybe Our Dreams Can Come True

"So, what do we do now?" Emmet asked, looking down at his half empty bowl.

Red_Two struggled in his arms for a moment before looking up at him, still appearing somewhat dead. His eyes were still wet, red rimmed, and in pain.

To Emmet, his eyes were like mercury, reflective and clear, and so different from the drab grey of the bedframe.

His mouth moved to attempt making words before sealing shut. He had retreated into his mind, where Emmet couldn't follow him. Emmet tightened his arms, bringing Red_Two into a proper hug. He just wanted to learn all he could about him: his story, the world of the future, and what he was going to do in the past.

But, if the world was that painful, Emmet wasn't sure if he even wanted to know.

Away on their tiny island, cut off from the rest of the world , it was almost possible that they could ignore what was happening outside, but now, that wasn't possible. He placed his hand over Red_Two's head.

"Why do you wa

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