Chapter 12


It was happening again. I remember this moment so well. Back when I was sixteen, I woke up from a coma after six weeks and some people came to see me and it made me defensive. I would forget the faces of some detectives when they questioned or made me uncomfortable. I forgot some of their faces because I used to have blackouts from pushing myself too hard to remember. I don’t know what had happened, but I couldn’t remember Nick. I tried to make myself remember but my head hurt, and my vision was beginning to become foggy. I was glad when I was discharged and told to take a few days to rest. I wanted to go back to my apartment and my parents wouldn’t have it.

“Make sure you get some sleep, honey.”

“Yes, mom, you don’t have to worry. You will be across the hall if anything happens.”

“How about we let her have her rest,” my father walked to kiss my forehead before brushing my soothing me.

“Thanks dad. I already feel better,” I spoke with my eyes closed.

“Make sure you get som
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