Chapter 5


If Wagner was around, he would have had something to talk about for the rest of my life. He was just as bad with the teasing as Harper and sometimes those two loved getting off at tag-teaming against me just to make me miserable or piss me off. I took a sharp breath, blinking at the perfect woman that was walking in my direction.

Her eyes were glued to papers in her hands as she walked confidently to the desk. I never knew heels would look that sexy on a woman until her. I looked up from her ankles to the stunning pencil skirt and blouse that was tucked in. True beauty is what she is. Her clothes fitted perfectly right. Damn that blouse she tucked in that skirt because the moment her hand dropped the papers on the desk, I knew I was fucked.

Her ass popped higher when she leaned at the desk and man, those legs and those heels were enough to make me feel rigid. I wondered why I hadn't been in this area before, because she was made for me. I don't know why the universe had been hiding her away from me all this time. 

I was far gone when her eyes met mine and the words never came for a long time. I was in my head, in awe. Her brown eyes were beautiful. No wonder I was lost in them. They were gorgeous, and I would kill anything that would dare make them water. My heart was pounding and doing somersault. It could have been dancing with joy because it had found its goddess. A woman worthy of the worship and praise.

Her hand was warm when it was enveloped with mine when the receptionist spoke and directed her to me. I didn't dare close my eyes when she was gazing at me. I lingered with my thumb grazing her soft skin. Her skin was flawless, a perfect hot chocolate with a sweet voice in the mixture. It was a sweet melody to my ears.

She made me lose all my cool and blocked my windpipe for an embarrassing time. I smiled when her angelic voice spoke to me again. She was asking me something, making me finally register that I had to say something in return. I swallowed hard.

“Pega… Detect… detective… call me Jam,” I breathed hard while still holding her hand, “James, you can call me James. I mean, I am detective Pega at your service.” I grinned as my head tilted to the side.

Nice job, James. I should take my gun and shoot myself on the spot for stuttering words like a stupid teenager who has never held or spoken to a girl before. She furrowed her brows before withdrawing her hand from mine, looking confused. The receptionist giggled, saving me from myself before I said something even more stupid.

Did you really have to call yourself Jam in front of a gorgeous lady? I recuse myself. I never knew I would lose my A game like this. What was wrong with me? I had never been this nervous before.

“Miss Parker. As I said earlier, I was about to call your office. The detective here asked if he could get a copy of the outside footage.” the receptionist looked at me with a welcoming smile.

Right, I was here for my case and hopefully, I would get copies without her asking for paperwork. I lifted my wrist, looking at my watch. I was on the clock and Romans should be having a fit right now. He will rip my head off if I don't have the copies.

I looked at Miss Parker. As she spoke, I sucked my lip. I could listen to her speak all day. I shook my thoughts. I needed to focus for at least a moment. My mind wasn't listening to me or the task at hand. All I wanted was to just ask her out for breakfast, lunch, dinner. Have more time with her.

“Where is my father? He normally deals with this.” She asked, looking at the reception before tucking a strand of her curly black hair behind her ear.

“He just left with Nick.”

“Nick? Was he still here?” her eyes bugged out before she looked at me with a smile that melted my heart. She was perfect.

“They said they will be back soon though,” she shrugged.

I looked as Miss Parker changed her toned. Why did she pitch her voice like that? My detective instincts overtook my thoughts. Who the hell is Nick? Why do I care right now? I should focus on surveillance tapes.

My mind was slipping between doing my job and jealousy rising for someone I had just met. I mean, she was too smart and hot to be single. I was looking at perfection. A perfect woman who deserved a man like me. My mind trailed to her fingers. No ring. This was good.

Romans will bury you if you go back without something a voice echoed. Maybe the panic in her voice has to do with her father. I hoped that was the case. The case? I repeated in my head. I am here for the case. After shaking my head and clearing my throat, I looked at her. There was a job I had to do.



“Thanks, Anna,” I said, glaring at her as she hid a giggle under her right hand.

This detective Pega James Jam guy was acting weird. I raised my eyebrows, looking at him as he was staring at me without blinking like some displayed mannequin. Oh God, that must be how I look when I zone off, caught in my thoughts. It is not pretty and I need to remember never to zone off and avoid that look.

I called his name, and he finally cleared his throat, shaking his head. Good, now he can focus. I didn't know if I could take more of is staring. It was a little uncomfortable in a nice way I couldn't understand yet. His stare should have been creepy, but I found him amusing.

“Why don’t you follow me, detective,” I spun on my heels.

“S-sure,” he muttered. "Thank you, Anna," he addressed her.

"Pleasure, detective," she sang, and I looked at her high-pitched voice. 

Anna started coughing loud to hide her giggle. I turned to glare at her for the second time. She wasn't being subtle with that fake cough. I shook my head before she pressed her lips, pretending to make herself busy. She was a busybody sometimes. I smiled and hoped she didn't see me because she would ask me about it later.

I looked forward, clicking my heels with the detective behind me as I could feel his stare. It was burning from behind as if my eyes were behind. He was looking at my ass or legs somehow, I could tell. I hope I don’t trip because that would be embarrassing. I should have worn wedges. They were much easier to walk on than these single strapped platform heels.

My heart was now doing a marathon in my chest. All I was thinking of was not falling face first or trip. This walk was proving to be difficult, and I wanted to tell him to come and walk in step with me. I didn't like the excitement I was getting from him staring. I could seriously fall.

“So, where are we going?” He asked.

“You need a copy of the tapes,” I responded, as he cleared his throat again.

"Yeah," he nodded.

He was still staring at me. I let it slide, thankful that he couldn't see me smiling because I can’t call him out without giving the smile away. He walked in step with me finally through the wide corridor as we made our way to the security room. I had to keep a straight face as I caught his side, glancing at my breasts.

In his defense, the blouse made my breasts jiggle. I cleared my throat, feeling a little hot under his gaze. I was glad he looked forward after with a small smirk on his lips. There was something interesting about this detective, or so I thought. 

“Just out of curiosity. You never verified my name.” he said, after a while of us walking.

“Is that a question?” I looked at him.

“I don’t know, actually. I seem to be not making sense by stumbling with my words,” he chuckled and scratched the back of his neck.

"It happens to the best of us," I smiled at his honesty. It was rare.

"Maybe is because I'm talking to a gorgeous woman." he added.

Well, he was smooth and charming, too. I didn't comment on his remark about me being gorgeous because I'm a coward. I have nothing to lose, but I didn't have it in me, so I did the cowardly thing.

“Your chain is hiding your badge under your shirt and your gun holder is shown under your leather jacket,” I responded.

“Observant,” he said, impressed.

“Comes with the profession, but no, I have seen my fair share of detectives.” I stopped by the security room.

“I’m trying to picture you having trouble with the law and it’s not adding up, so there must be a valid reason?” he looked with an alluring smile as we waited in the corridor. 

This detective was very smooth. His responses we intentionally adding a compliment. My heart was sprinting again, but since I'm not brave to flirt. I cowardly et it slide again.

“We’re here.” I smiled, ruining his chance to ask his intended question.

“I’m a very good detective and will piece that information you are not sharing. You watch and see,” he winked at me before opening the door to the security room like he owned the place. I shook my head smiling. 

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