Chapter 8


I could feel shaking as something rattled or moved and my body was supine. I couldn’t figure out what was happening. I tried to open my eyes but the blinding light was too much, making my eyes roll back. I wanted to speak or get an idea of where I was but something was happening within me. My body was burning up. I could feel it and my head felt like concrete as if it was forcefully pressed down trapping me. It was too much and something was fighting and hammering in front of my heavy eyes. My body was resisting and I was fighting with a younger version of myself for control and I had managed to fight back which made me hear voices.

“What's happening to her?” I heard a voice shouting but I couldn’t remember where I knew the voice from.

“Stay on your seat, sir. She is convulsing. Dean, how far until we get to the hospital?” A female voice shouted.

The voices faded again as if I was forced back into my trance. I was face to face with the one who was responsible for everything a
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Dancer Ebubechi
very interesting but how am I going to unlock chapter 9 cause I don't have money to make any payment

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