Scene 1

Have you ever had problems in your life? Yeah, everyone must have had trouble in life. Various kinds of issues come to us one after another.

This is Cheryl Anastasia's love affair. She was experienced during 19 years of her life. She is just a cute college student who is wrong or doesn't, love that handsome senior.

Cheryl loved him. He was a stranger who only passed her once. But the figure seemed to never disappear from the wild shadows and delusions.

On the one hand, he was just a senior at P University. On the other hand, he had an extraordinary good look like a model.

That afternoon, Cheryl was printing an assignment. And as usual, long lines have always been a sight to spoil the eyes, but it is precisely this sight that makes the queues can only sigh, so long as they can be as long as the human intestine.

There is only one spot on campus P to print all assignments, photocopies, volumes, and other things.

Cheryl is currently printing an assignment whose deadline was last week but had only been working on it. Hopefully, she won't waste her hard-earned money cheating it.

Hot afternoons, along with long lines. Makes Cheryl's stomach suddenly buckle. She was restless, like a hot worm. Back and forth.

Cheryl's cell phone vibrated. Cheryl tried to reach her cell phone, which was at the back. However, she felt she was holding something soft and hard. The object felt inflated. Cheryl turned around, only to find that she was mistaking people's mine. Someone's dick.

Cheryl swallowed her saliva hard.

"Arghhh." She exclaimed when she realized she was still holding the object. For the sake of Minions, who love bananas, Cheryl's innocent hand was immediately tainted.

"What the hell are you doing? Hold on my dick! You're little whore. "

"No way!" Cheryl closed her eyes. How embarrassing.

"So sorry. I'm sorry."

Cheryl stared at her victim. And she just realized she was holding an angel's body. So handsome.

"You're extremely gorgeous." Cheryl said innocently.

The man just smiled. "Your saliva dripping on."

Cheryl hurriedly wiped her saliva. The traitor's saliva!

"So sorry, accidentally." Cheryl immediately ran. How embarrassed what she wass do.

Cheryl immediately covered her face with a bag. Her face must have turned red as a rotten tomato, she blushes.

Cheryl is still running like a cheetah. And unfortunately, the distance between the print site and the Faculty of Litelatur was so far. Must pass at least three faculties.

"Shit! My hand is not virgin anymore." Cheryl said to herself.

Still shaking, Cheryl checked her hand, and stupidly again, kissed her hand. And, no strange smells.

"Oh crap! So embarrassed. I could, misunderstood. Luckily it didn't break, that's stuff." Cheryl was still holding her breath and stroking her chest.

"Luckily, he didn't ask for responsibility, marry him for example." Cheryl says it's a reverse case. He broke it, man. Severe!

Cheryl still couldn't understand why she was unlucky today. Before heading to her faculty, Cheryl sat for a while under a cypress tree, which was gentle. She sits in the Engineering faculty.

Cheryl still calmed her heart and mind from the incident.

"Shit! Crap! Holy shit!"

"Did he tell his friends, that he was being harassed? Fuck! Later he thought, I was a sex criminal. Oh no!" Cheryl bit her lip. How, if she was labeled like that? A girl with an innocent face but actually a sex criminal. 

"Hmm, god forbid. People, I've never dated, and suddenly became a sex criminal? Shit! I will be diligent in alms from now on." The hot sun did not make Cheryl's evil thoughts dim. It's getting more and more lit.

Cheryl picked up the dry twigs around her and started scribbling the ground like a child.

"Oh, forgot. I should have asked what his name was. I can, make amends by being his girlfriend." Cheryl smiled at her amusement. She patted her cheek. Never fell in love, and suddenly her heart wanted to feel it.

"Realize it, Cher. He's as handsome as an angel, and you look like a shit. You can only looks like doormat in his eyes."

Cheryl felt like a lunatic. Cheryl's cell phone vibrated. Yes, Cheryl immediately cursed at the flat, lifeless object. "Because of you damn cellphone. I got bad luck." Cheryl grumbled to herself—her phone exactly.

Cheryl saw the name 'Rose' emblazoned there.

"Roses ... arghhh." Cheryl felt something cold stick to her cheek. "Wh—the handsome one." Cheryl said reflexively.

The man she had abused gave her apple-flavored tea. The man smiled, making Cheryl even more interested in that smile than the cold drink that felt heavenly in this heat.

Cheryl stretched out her hand, wanting to take the bottle of the offered drink. Instead, Cheryl's hand was greeted, "what's your name pretty?"


"Cherry Blossom." The handsome boy commented in front of her.

Cheryl blushed, with her hair back, like a graceful woman in dating scene. Cheryl felt that she was as beautiful as Barbara Palvin and the opponent in front of her was as handsome as Dylan Sprouse.

"Know what cherry blossoms?"

"Perfume." Cheryl replied quickly.

"Didn't you offer me a drink?" Cheryl asked, pointing to the purple bottle that was still being held.

"Do you want?" Cheryl nodded.

"Answer the right first, what cherry blossom is. Look, you don't know the name itself." With innocence, Cheryl took out her cellphone. The cellphone with the soft pink case began to be used.

Cheryl saw many messages and calls from Mawar.

"Shit! I forgot, I can't use internet." Cheryl grinned.

The man took out his cellphone from his pants pocket: an expensive cell phone, with black colour.

Cheryl started typing as instructed. "Huh, how come the cherry blossoms come out?"

"Read the caption."

"Cherry blossoms, derived from Japanese, the word 'pocket' which means flower."

"Do you see the picture?" Cheryl nodded. 

"Isn't it beautiful?"

"If you are juxtaposed with that flower, you are still the prettiest among them." Cheryl looked at her opponent. She swore that this very instant, Cheryl had fallen in love with the wise man in front of her.

"Would you be my boyfriend?" Bargain Cheryl.


typical of the characters I made, they are shameless, but they are also brave and not afraid of anything. There are only super power women, because I want all women to be strong

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