Scene 2

"Do you want to be my boyfriend?" Cheryl just stared at the back away. The handsome guy, who only hitched a while.

Even the handsome one didn't give Cheryl the drink she was expecting. Cheryl could only scare when the handsome guy seemed deaf.

"Dammit! He didn't even give me that drink." Cheryl felt like scratching the ground and throwing the handsome guy.

"You know, I just pulled the object until it broke up." Cheryl was still grumbling.

After a few minutes of being taken flying, Cheryl finally headed for her faculty.

By bending her face. Cheryl patted her forehead. "Shit! I should have asked what his name was. How come I was so silly now."

Cheryl went down the stairs, her faculty. The faculty is indeed at the bottom. The class is busy and always active, starting to form colonies according to their respective friendships. The boys get together and play games and discuss negative things about the 3gp collection of blue films. Girls, gossip and selfies, and model students are silent while taking advantage of the campus's free wifi.

Cheryl headed for Rose, who sat alone with no friends. Cheryl landed her smooth butt on the bench.

"You know, my hands aren't a virgin." Cheryl said suddenly.

"Oh crap! beware of pregnancy!" Rose exclaimed excitedly. Her name is not Rose. Her real name is Florence Roscea. Difficult right? So call it Rose.

The whole class turned to Rose and Cheryl. "Cheryl's pregnant?" asked Dea. Cheryl just looked down and pinched her best friend's hand many times.

"No, it's Cheryl's cat pregnant." Alibi Rose. Cheryl flared her little nose.

"Uh, you!" Cheryl pulled Rose's coarse hair. "Uh, damn it! My hair." Shouted Rose.

All classes are used to seeing the sight of two violent friends who love to do violence.

"So, what are you doing calling me" asked Cheryl.

"I'm bored. I have no friends to talk, so I call you."

"In class forty undergraduates, and you feel lonely? Wow, your faith needs to be asked." Cheryl joked at random, shaking her head.

"So, you really don't virgin anymore?" whispered Rose. Afraid of other hearing. Cheryl immediately hit her friend.

"That was a tongue or jelly, so soft said with innocent" Cheryl sarcastically got angry. Mawar laughed. She cleared her throat. "No, you said you don't virgin."

"Listen me first Maemunah." Cheryl said irritably.

"It was Rose, now Maemunah. After that, Sutejah."

"It's okay, if you want it."

"Okay, okay. Back again, so what's the story?" Rose changed her sitting position to be more comfortable. As if she was going to listen to the most shocking news of this century.

"Earlier, I accidentally grabbed a guy's dick." Cheryl whispered carefully.

"Shit! Wow, you have to take responsibility Cher. Poor his tarnished heritage, you have abused people." Rose said seriously.

"It's not on purpose, I'm a girl after all. So, he has to take responsibility." Cheryl defended herself. Rose muttered, agreeing with her friend's statement.

"Okay, let's ask for responsibility." Invite Rose.

"I just know his face. Not his name."

"So silly! If you're really pregnant, how do you ask for responsibility?" Rose patted her friend's forehead.

Cheryl was restless. Her hands are no longer a virgin. She must ask for responsibility. She did not want to. When she married later, her right hand was not pure. Cheryl had to ask for responsibility.

"Ouch, what should I do? But I think I know where he's faculty is." Rose's smile immediately brightened.

"Aren't he gergous?"

"extremely handsome like Noah Centineo." Cheryl whispered.

"Geez .... even Lucky Blue Smith loses?" Asked Rose so enthusiastically.

"Could be twins."

"By the way, how did that feel? He's dick." asked Rose, pretending to be innocent and innocent, she has never really felt what a man's weapon is.

Cheryl laughed. Her face was flushed now. Shame!

"Never mind, that's people's future. Haram to discuss."

"It's leaking a little." Rose tried to negotiate. Cheryl hit Rose on the head.

"Hahaha." Rose laughs.


And over, Cheryl and Rose under the pine tree are so soothing.

The two friends leaned back against each other. If only, campus regulations such as school, use a bell ring. Cheryl will easily find the handsome one.

They even skipped the Constitutional Court, Mr. Sucipto—a lecturer who likes to joke but is cranky, a lecturer who always gets in on time and gets out of time corruption.

"I want to eat marshmallows." Said Rise.

Rose went to the tavern, Cheryl waited. Rose's body is small, but she has a body that all men desire. Sometimes she is embarrassed because her breast growth is too much. Rose to shame, was inversely proportional to Cheryl's flat like a grinding board.

If she walked, all the men would look at her. Rose is uncomfortable with, but what can we say if this is a gift from God.

Rose choosing cold drinks. She pulled the marshmallow that was hanging if the position was too high.

Suddenly, someone got her. Too bad, in an unromantic place like a novel scene in a library, the short girl accidentally picks up a book, and there is a slow-motion scene where the two of them stare at each other, and the two of them will not notice before someone else catches their eyes with a fork.

"Thank you." Rose said politely. That man, smiling at her, was no less polite.

"It's been hot lately, huh." The stranger said.


The man approached Mawar and whispered, "Hot." Rose swallowed hard. She was single and never interacted with men all her life. Suddenly she smelled a pleasant masculine scent, making Rose's heart beating fast.

"Ah, it's hot. Here, eat marshmallows." Innocently, the stranger picked up a packet of marshmallows and left.

At this moment, Rose also fell in love.


Rose returned to their place before, and you can see her long-haired best friend, playing her cellphone, seen from the side alone, Cheryl is so beautiful. With a gentle breeze blowing Cheryl's hair, making the girl even more charming, like an angel descending from heaven and looking for a prince on earth.

"Tara ... look at this. Intake for singles." Exclaimed Rose cheerfully, pointing at the black bag filled with food. Rose has a hobby of eating. For her, she lives to eat. For another, they live to be happy. For Rose, her happiness is when she eats.

All food that enters Rose's stomach is immediately divided into individual parts that stand out.

Cheryl immediately opened the bag and took the chocolate ice cream covered in peanuts.

"So what's the plan?"

"We have to wait until we get it, we will carry out this mission until it is complete."

"That means you have to marry him Cher, your hands are not a virgin. I'm afraid, your husband will leave you, because you know, your hand has been stained." Cheryl swallowed hard. My God, what should she do? This concerns about her future.

"So how do I say to him later?"

"Hey you there, like it or not, we will be an eternal couple. I am yours, and you are mine." Said Rose while singing. Cheryl pouted.

The food bag was finished, and the person they was waiting for was not in sight. Rose is very sleepy, her stomach is full, but she needs more fresh intake, for example, strawberry juice.

"Cher, I want some juice."

"Buy there."

Rose returned to shop. This time, she headed for a drink specialty.

Yes, strawberries are very radiant when the weather is very stinging like this.

"Thank you." Rose gave $2, and she shuffled the juice.


Without sin, the strange man in front of her sucks Rose's drink. Rose surrendered when the drink was half.

"Thank you, I'll make sure we'll meet again."

"He's like a ghost." Indifferently, Rose sipped her juice, which had been sucked in with a sweet taste, and the leftover dregs were no longer tasty.

Rose returned to Cheryl. Who knows how many times she went back and forth.

"That it's a stomach or a black hole, it's exhausting fast." Cheryl's comments saw the juice was crushed. Though she also wants to.

Rose was still sipping the drink, albeit with her last resort.

"There he is ..." Cheryl screamed when she saw the man she had abused.

"Hey you! Wait, you have to take responsibility." Rose shouted. The man walked coolly and got into his car.

Cheryl stood in front of the car, holding the handsome one.

Cheryl tapped the windshield. The man opened the door.


"You have to marry me, because of you, my hand is not a virgin. What will my husband say later?" Cheryl said excitedly. The handsome guy with a heavy heart finally came out. This is a shameless girl.

"You must marry me, my hands are not virgins, later I will become a young widow, because my hands are no longer a virgin." repeat Cheryl.

The tall man just glanced at Cheryl.

Rose is still holding the empty juice bottle. Rose looked at her straw.

I've kissed him.

The same man who went through the unexpected today.

Yes, Rose and Cheryl fell in love with the same man.


What do you expect from two best friends fell in love with the same man. Isn't that a disaster?

Let's see, what will happen next.

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