Scene 3

The handsome man, ignoring Cheryl's bad voice. Theory from where, are you not virgin, after holding someone's dic*? Who knows where the division of this girl's brain is?

"What's your name? I have to know your home address and cellphone number." Secretly, Cheryl smiled. She's smart right? 

The handsome one just shook his head. She was shameless.

"I should be reporting first pretty."


Lacking of caress and affection, Cheryl feels her world is so colorful now.

Be mine, please! 

"Well, to break even, I'm Cheryl. What's your name?" Cheryl held out her hand. They were acquainted earlier.

"Ehem." Rose was standing beside Cheryl. The handsome did not welcome Cheryl's helping hand. And stare at Rose. Rose was just silent, staring at the boy who took her food several times.

Without realizing it, the handsome smiled at Rose, but Rose didn't budge. She stepped back, stepped back regularly. Roses loved Cheryl more than anything. Cheryl is not just a friend but a family. Rose will make many sacrifices because Rose knows that Cheryl lacks love.

"Hey, you! Here, kiss my hand." Cheryl shamelessly extended her hand towards the handsome one. The gorgeous man took Cheryl's hand and kissed her while staring at Rose, who deliberately looked away.

"Yes! You're my prospective husband." Cheryl smiled so broadly. She claims that this handsome man must be her husband.

"Break even pretty?" The handsome man smiled, making Cheryl's body soft instantly like jelly. Cheryl immediately didn't move. The rhythm of her heart pumped even stronger. The skin is almost out of the flesh. This is the first experience a man touches. Her face heated up. Cheryl had just found out, falling in love this way.

"Shit! I forgot his name." Cheryl shrieked strongly.

"Rose, we'll come here again tomorrow. I have to know his name." Cheryl put her arm around her friend's shoulder. Rose was just silent. For some reason, she felt something tightly in her chest. But she knew, she realized. In terms of appearance, Cheryl is prettier than herself. Besides, who wants to be a big eater. They could bankrupt their partners if every date they always eat.

"Look at my hand." Cheryl pointed her hand, that just be kissed. The handsome one must be hers. Even though the whole world is challenging, Cheryl will do everything she can to get him to be hers.

"Ah ... I'm so happy Rose." Cheryl pranced like a hot worm in eucalyptus oil.

"I promise, if I go out, I will treat Rose." Cheryl pinched her best friend's round cheek that was shaped like a bun.

Rose snatched, annoyed. Dregs promise! Because every time, she keeps on shopping. Cheryl is like a loan shark who continues to scrape her food and belongings. But, Rose loves Cheryl. Their friendship has reached the family stage.

The two friends embraced each other and headed for the parking lot.


I was so passionate about love for the idol's heart, plus Cheryl's face that kept feeling hot. Cheryl repeatedly patted her cheek, but the hotness didn't go away.

Cheryl finally wrote a diary. She often wrote that pink diary when her heart was restless, the diary Cheryl named Meredith. Only Meredith knew that Cheryl's innermost feeling was lonely because no one was around her.

Hi, Meredith.

I come with happy news this time. Don't worry, and I don't want to get hurt right now. Let's save that part first.

You know Meredith, his face is like a full moon, so shining, his smile is like honey plus an extra sweet artificial sweetener. His sweet smile trumps even a cupcake, lollipop.

I hope you are also happy. Meredith hears my story this time. At first, I accidentally grabbed tet—. I'm so embarrassed, Meredith. But when I saw his face, I was stunned. How come there are angels in human form. He was so handsome, Meredith. Can I imagine he's my husband?

He dared to kiss my hand. Those warm and soft hands made me want to continue to be in his hands. I want to always be by his side. I like this little hand that he keeps holding.

But:"( I don't know his name, tomorrow when I know his name, Meredith I'll tell you first.

Meredith, when am I happy?

Cheryl watched the paper wet with tears.

Sorry Meredith, I promised. Let me not cry. But I can't. When was I considered a child? When will I find out who my father is? The one who gave the sperm?

Even already 19 years, almost 20 years, I live in a big question mark. I realized that Meredith, my beautiful mother, regretted giving me birth to the world. It looks like I'm just unlucky for mom's life. Even mom doesn't want to share my experience with me. After I work, I promise Meredith I will never bother mom so that she can find a happy family for her.

I love mom Meredith very much. Did you realize that? My mom was never home. Mom is uncomfortable being around me.

I'm just an unwelcome illegitimate child!

Cheryl crumpled the paper and almost tore it. Realizing her actions, Cheryl kissed the diary.

"Sorry Meredith. Only you are my loyal friend. Same with Rose, but Rose did not understand how I felt."


Cheryl ends her confession with an emotional heartbreaking, just like her origins. During her life, Cheryl's family was only Delisha, Rose and their families.

Cheryl climbed onto the bed and continued her sadness. On the outside, she ooks like a human without a burden, like a human without bones. Everyone sees Cheryl as a child who is loved by the family. If in the room, we will see what Cheryl looks like. Meredith alone had all of Cheryl's complaining.

"Hopefully his presence can treat this wound." The girl in pink pajamas wiped her tears. Cheryl's room was dark, musty, dank. Because she never took care of her room, let alone Cheryl herself in her house, let her maintain her lazy nature.

Bored in the room, Cheryl idly came out. Usually, at home, Cheryl would lock herself in her bedroom. She would only go out to eat. Just eat instant foods like noodles and eggs.

Seeing the free living room, Cheryl sat on the green sofa. Usually, Cheryl peeked at her mother playing on the phone on the couch. Cheryl took the oversized chair and imagined she was sitting with her mother, chatting like a mother and child.

Eager, Cheryl, to be treated like a child. Cheryl wants to be pampered. Cheryl wants to be noticed. Cheryl wants to be a phone that gets seen all the time.

Cheryl wants her mom to ask what the GPA is, whether she have a boyfriend or have kissed her. Cheryl remembers the first time she had her first menstruation in middle school. She wanted her mother to be the first to know that she was a teenager. At that point, Cheryl was crying, thinking she was impure, raped, or something. However, because she often heard her remarks from Rose, Cheryl finally realized that she was an adult, a complete woman.

At that time, Cheryl was shy about buying sanitary napkins at a shop far from her home because she was embarrassed, unfortunately. For the first time, Cheryl wore the pads upside down. It's not because of her carelessness that makes Cheryl sad, but where is her parents' location and role, let alone a mother?

Cheryl was used to being ignored from childhood. Her mother sometimes doesn't come home. Even though there were, they never interacted like normal humans.

Cheryl sighed harshly. She turned her attention to the beautiful figures containing her mother's photo. Not even Cheryl's image was posted there. These little things make Cheryl even more discouraged and make herself regret being born. Was she wrong, sorry? Cheryl didn't want to be born if she knew that her life would make her mother's life worse and make her mother hate her.

It's straightforward, Cheryl wants her mother to tell her, scold her. Cheryl wanted her mother and her to chat and have dinner together. Cheryl knew that her mother ate out often, leaving her eating with a sore heart.

Try it. If Cheryl has a boyfriend. She might not be that sad. Eager, she and her mother were together like wearing clothes with the same style, sandals in the same manner, or maybe a hairstyle. This simple delusion, in fact, never happened. They are like two strangers. Getting to the nasty stage, Cheryl sometimes wants to get desperate for a DNA test. Is it true, she is a biological child or an adopted child.

"Never mind." Cheryl exhaled heavily.

Cheryl turned on the TV, not paying attention to what was on the front screen. Cheryl's mind wandered. Everything is contradictory, the figure of her mom and the handsome one.

"Tomorrow I have to know his name, as well as his cellphone number."


A young man was sitting in the pavilion of his house, staring at the moon so bright. Without realizing it, he smiled.

"She's different. Her gaze is so innocent." Said the young man. The young man didn't fall in love, but that figure seemed to take over his entire world.

"Shit! I was like a girl." The young man got up from the pavilion while carrying his guitar. He had time to sing while imagining that innocent face. So cute.

"You must be mine!"


Floren—Rose was gathering with her family. Rose family was so crowded. They consisted of three siblings, plus the maid in the house; everything felt crowded.

Roses hugged the sofa cushions with a dreamy mind. How could it be, she had to like this insolent man. Moreover, Rose knew that her best friend lacked affection.

"Be sincere, Flo, you can definitely get a better one. How could you have the heart for Cheryl who lacks affection. She also needs an entertainer." 

Rose knew very well. Cheryl was never considered in her family. However, Rose couldn't do much except to be the best friend to Cheryl and always help Cheryl.

Rose knew that it was a stark contrast to her life with Cheryl, her house, which was always crowded like a night market, in contrast to Cheryl, who was so quiet as in a cave.

"For the sake of my friend, I give up this feeling. I know, she needs me more than I." Smiling Rose. She swore, would help Cheryl to get a prince from the land of nowhere.


Suddenly, Cheryl felt her surroundings lighten. Cheryl woke up and could smell her mother's perfume.

"Mom is home." Cheryl whispered to herself. Cheryl straightened up and saw that the screen was still on.

About 15 minutes, Delisha came out of the room and wore such short household clothes. Cheryl just peeked through the tail of her eye. Her mother opened the refrigerator. Cook? Eager, Cheryl was asked whether she had eaten, or a simple question.

Cheryl saw her mother, took water from the dispenser, and made a drink.

Almost! Ask! Get close!

Cheryl's mind and mind were at war. Her mouth wanted to ask. The voice could not come out. Rose squeezed her clothes because she was annoyed.

"M-mom." Cheryl said nervously, and so softly. Of course, Delisha, who was stirring the drink, didn't hear.

"Stupid!" hissed Cheryl, is strong. She glanced at her mother, who caught a glimpse of it.

"M-m-mom what you do?" It's a long sentence, and the one Cheryl once threw at her mom. In front of her, the mature woman turned her gaze towards the girl who was all grown up and very much like herself.

"Making drink." Only that. Hearing the naive answer from her mother, Cheryl immediately ran to her room. When she tries to open up and familiarize herself with her mother, but it's hard, like splitting the ocean.

"I hate myself, I'm an unlucky child! I regret being born into the world. Mom hates me. Until when she will accept me?" Cheryl tucked her head into the pillow and cried her best.


Yep, so this is the conflict I take family conflict. Occasionally I choose themes like this because many children experience this.

Even though they never asked to be born 😢😢😢😢💔💔💔💔💔

Love your children, as long as they exist. they never asked to be born. Same case with your parents, love them. 

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