Scene 4

Cheryl is dressed up so beautifully today to meet her prince, she's wearing lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, blush, and 2 centimeters thick powder. Cheryl felt like she was a slut.

Cheryl appears more girly, even though Cheryl is a super cool human who doesn't care about her appearance. Cheryl wore a maroon blouse combined with a mid-long skirt, wearing white sneakers. Cheryl was so confident, and she was sure the handsome one would be smitten. Cheryl curled her long straight hair.

The appearance is so beautiful, but again they end up miserably in the Engineering faculty. Cheryl and Rose sit on the faculty under a tall pine tree. Rose is busy eating. Yes, Rose is without food, like a fish without water. Before they ended miserably, Rose had bought a full black bag of snacks. The food is finished, and Rose plans to buy more. Rose has a giant greedy Alaskan worm in her stomach.

Cheryl snorted resignedly, even though she was determined to know the handsome man's name and cellphone number last night. At this rate, Cheryl's hopes were dashed.

In total, they waited 2 hours, and Cheryl just waited while listening to Selena Gomez's song. In the first course, lecturers did not enter an opportunity for Cheryl to carry out a mission. Cheryl is determined not to give up until the task is complete.

"I am sleepy." Rose leaned her head on Cheryl's shoulder.

"Buy snacks there." Rose finally went back to the shop. The aunt who sells already knows Rose, and the girl is shopping the most.

Rose is choosing snacks.

"Right, we meet again." Someone spoke from behind, almost whispered, and his face was precisely at the nape of Rose, giving her goosebumps. Rose quickly turned around. Cheryl's prince smiled at her so sweetly. Without realizing it, Rose swallowed her saliva. Because she didn't want to get too far, Rose took a square. Rose calculated her movements. She was forced to encourage Cheryl's prince. With the strength of the wind, Mawar pushed the man and ran as hard as possible. Let it be considered rude. Rose doesn't want to let her feelings widen and hurt others. Rose will sacrifice her feelings for her best friend.

"Gosh ... I meet a ghost." Rose is still catching her breath one by one. Rose took a deep breath and exhaled, adjusting to the beat of her nearly knocked out heart.

"Must be a handsome ghost." Cheryl joke. Rose immediately fell silent. Cheryl's original statement was correct.

"So, want to wait?" Cheryl noticed her friend's expression, which was like a frightened person. Like seeing a real ghost.

"You doubt the belief of a twin of Kaia Garber, whatever I want must be achieved. Moreover, he is so handsome, I will make him completely mine." Rose was immersed in Cheryl's grand ambition. Rise is sure the handsome guy will melt and want to. Cheryl is stunning. She is so cheerful, covering all the wounds she got from babies until now. Rose was so amazed at Cheryl, who was good at covering up all the wounds she had suffered.

Rose often came to Cheryl's house, but only emptiness and emptiness existed in the place. A warm atmosphere, in the sense of kinship, is not reflected there.

"Yes, I hope so too."

"Thanks Rose." Cheryl hugged her best friend. Only Rose is so understanding, and her heart is so broad. Cheryl is grateful to know Rose. She is the most heartfelt human Rose she had ever known. Everyone knows Rose because she is a person who doesn't hesitate to help anyone, and she is good at breaking things up. If there is a gathering, it will be crowded if Rose joins.

"Huh, didn't you want to buy snacks earlier?"

"Oh, I forgot to bring money." Rose smirks. Cheryl snorted in annoyance.

"Buy there." Cheryl's command. Who doesn't want to be friends with a human model like Rose? She who goes shopping uses her personal money, and she is tired. Honestly, how noble is a Rose. She's not stingy.

"I'm Tired."

Rose wanted to say to Cheryl that the prince they were waiting for she met at the shop. However, Rise was lazy to meet the man again.

"I am hungry."

"What? One bag already finished, and now you hungry?" asked Cheryl, in shock expression.

"Hehehe. Not yet in the rice." The principle of the life of Rose, live to eat.

"Go to the canteen." The two friends went to the canteen, which happened to be facing the Engineering Faculty.

"Oh crap! So busy." Cheryl let out a languid sigh. The crowded problem is okay, the core of the problem is, the canteen is so crowded, not even a bit, there are only benches left, for just one butt sitting there.

Cheryl and Rose stood at the cafeteria entrance, looking at whether they could sit down or not. There are several canteens, but the Happy cafeteria is the favorite canteen on campus and the complete menu of food.

"Hi!" Cheryl immediately looked at her with displeasure. She's Sandra, a friend from a different class. Sandra and Rose are quite close because they are one organization. You are curious, what organization Cheryl joined? a room alone, accompanied by Meredith, which she sometimes ripped and picked up.

"The canteen is crowded, huh."


"I know, a place to eat, which is recommended for boarding school children, cheap and delicious."

"Let's go." Cheryl was silent because she felt left out. Cheryl never liked Rose made friends with other people, except for herself. Cheryl wanted, Rose's attention was focused on her.

"Come on Cher." Cheryl followed suit, Rose, and Sandra, who were already busy discussing their organization's activities.

The three of them headed for a cafe, not a cafe with a half restaurant theme, even though it's not a fancy restaurant. At least according to the pockets of students.

Rose parked her car. Cheryl was silent, apart from not understanding the direction of the discussion. She didn't like Sandra. Cheryl can see that Sandra is the type of person who likes to claim other people's rights.

"Now this is the place." The three of them started ordering food.

Sandra only ordered fruit salad; she was on a diet program. Rose called chicken geprek, aka double plus two plates of rice. Sometimes Cheryl feels that a boy can think that she is eating Rose is too much.

"I'll just order apple juice." Seeing the large food menu, Cheryl was full first.

"Hm, Cheryl's diet pretentious. Later my food will sell out too." Cheryl just grinned. And looked down at Sandra. Cheryl wanted to tell Rose that there is no need to be friends with Sandra.

Each order came. Cheryl ordered apple juice, Sandra's fruit salad, double portions of Rose rice and geprek chicken, plus one bottle of mango juice and mineral water.

Because Rose infected Cheryl, it is inevitable that she also eats bars like Rose. In one gulp, the apple juice was ruined, the rest of the ice cubes. Cheryl started to approach Rose, intending to mess up Rose.

Sandra was silent. She just found out that these two wrong friends were already at a distant and intimate stage of their friendship. Sandra put a slice of apple and mayonnaise in her mouth as she watched Cheryl and Rose fighting over the chicken. Sandra can only shake her head.

"That's my bones!" Cheryl said. She just wanted to taste the chicken bone, which has a soft bone, but Rose took it first.

"My bones!"

"My bones!" Cheryl grabbed the bone and tapped Rose on the head. Sandra seemed to see two puppies fighting over bones. They are all grown up. They shouldn't do this embarrassing thing. It's just that Sandra doesn't understand what kind of friendship these two people are.

Rose and Cheryl were still like dogs and cats fighting over bones.

Upset, Rose put all the chickens in her mouth. Of course, she felt spiciness. Cheryl took a sip of Rose mango juice. Rose was furious. She didn't want to pretend earlier, now Cheryl is taking her food.

"Shit! Watch out Cher. What is that? You said you didn't want to order the same. Now take people's things."

Cheryl chewed the chicken indifferently, still with her mouth full. Cheryl heard people laughing. And saw Sandra, who did not take her eyes off the scene ahead.

Cheryl turned reflexively. For what reason, the prince had come to the same place to eat. The handsome man, wearing a black shirt, adds to the impression of being masculine and so manly. Noticing the mouth full of food, Cheryl immediately ran to the sink, and she threw away all the food. Cheryl felt that she and the handsome one stared at each other for a few seconds.

A very unlucky moment for Cheryl. Cheryl rinsed her mouth repeatedly in the sink, with rice and chicken floating in the sink, clogging the innocent sink. Ignoring the clogged sink, Cheryl looked in the mirror. The makeup she uses hasn't worn off.

Cheryl smoothed her bangs, making sure they didn't miss the orbit. Perfect. Those thin and tiny lips looked red with spiciness. Cheryl smiled into the mirror. She is ready to fight for her future.

Gracefully, Cheryl returned to her seat. Rose coolly cleaned the bones she had eaten and Cheryl's marks. Rose and Cheryl were not disgusted if they exchanged food by word of mouth. Rose deliberately ate more disgustingly so that Cheryl's prince wouldn't bother her anymore and focused on Cheryl. Rose wants Cheryl to be happy.

"You already know, my prince?" Cheryl prided herself. Sandra frowned. Does Cheryl have a boyfriend?

"Well, Sandra introduced me, my boyfriend who is wearing a black shirt is playing cellphone." Sandra swallowed her saliva roughly. For what, a Juna has smitten with Cheryl, the female worm?

Sandra knows Juna. She often plays with her friends, and Juna often that. As far as Sandra knows, Juna is single. Of course, an elegant single, lots of girls chase and approach Juna, it's just that that man never responds, there's nothing stuck in his heart. Even though Juna has found a mooring, it's just a matter of waiting for the right moment so that Juna can have it all together.

"How come you know?" Sandra looked at Cheryl again. Physically she is beautiful, but how come? And if they were dating, why didn't Juna approach Cheryl?

"You know him, right?" Cheryl's arrongat mode is out.

" I Know him." Cheryl smiled brightly, her eyes wide. Yuhua ... it's time to uncover the identity of the mysterious—handsome guy.

"Okay, if you know. Surely you know his name right? What is his name?" Sandra raised her eyebrows, dating but don't know a name? What did she forget here?

"So what's his name?" Cheryl fiddled with her brows. She was beautiful, but Cheryl was too bars and noisy, and only Rose remained friends with Cheryl.

"Joko." She don't know where the idea came from. Suddenly Sandra wanted to work on Cheryl.

"What? You fucking kidding me?"

"His name is Joko." Cheryl turned to look at the handsome, a little hair on his neck bristling. Seriously, is the handsome guy's name like that?

Cheryl was already lost feeling first, should she give up because the handsome guy's name did not match her expectations?


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