Scene 14

Anyone - Justin Bieber 


"Hey, Cheryl!" Rose tugged at Cheryl's clothes like a person inviting combat. Cheryl ignored. It's been more than a week, and she ignored her best friend. Cheryl didn't even go with Rose. Cheryl left with her mother. For some reason, considering this moment, Cheryl's tears always wanted to spill. She is happy.

"What's wrong with you?" Rose is still pulling Cheryl's clothes. Cheryl brushed off her best friend's hand—a former best friend.

"Take off, Rose. It'll get torn my clothes." Cheryl tried to be patient. By speaking softly.

"Talk to me first, you dumbass! What's wrong with you? Is it strange like this?" Rose did not accept it. Cheryl looked at Rose. She loves Rose, but Cheryl can't get the reality yet. Rose has feelings for Juna. Why does it have to be that man?

"Maturity process." said Cheryl. 

"Hell! Talking about adults. Watch porn so that you grow up!" spray

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