Scene 19

Cheryl and Juna are overwhelmed, how to deal with Faaza, who is a tantrum. The pretty girl didn't want Cheryl to leave. Cheryl cannot stay in other people's houses while she has a home and doesn't want to disturb others. The important thing is that she has visited her future in-laws.

"Come ..." even Faaza sat on the ground and threw whatever she could and threw away. Cheryl feels terrible for making someone's child like this. Honestly, it feels hard to leave Faaza, and there is a kind of pull that she and Faaza can be the perfect playing partner. Cheryl can teach Faaaza to invite Faaza to play and make the beautiful girl laugh.

"Juna, take Cheryl. It's okay. Mum will calm down later."

"B-but auntie, I don't have the heart." Faaza, a tantrum, approached Cheryl, hugged her, and didn't want to let Cheryl go. Cheryl glanced at the silent Juna, looking at Junas mum, who was also overwhelmed with persuasion. Starting from going to the mall, buying new clothes, buying

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