Scene 20

Cheryl wanted to be alone because of the message from her mother. 'Don't get close to that kid' everyone seemed never to agree that he liked Juna, but feelings didn't lie to anything.

Suddenly Cheryl's cheeks heated up. Would she have gone mad if the thought of Juna's father's good looks made Cheryl grimace like a crazy person? Juna's father is very handsome. If Juna's father offered, Cheryl would even want to become the older man's sugar baby.

Juna can open up to him, but Cheryl knows, Juna's heart is locked in who knows who. Not to mention, Cheryl closed her eyes if Mawar had feelings for Juna. Cheryl didn't know. Mawar had thrown that feeling away or still kept it.

Cheryl wanted to contemplate fate alone, but she knew that she needed a Rose to get a little enlightenment.

Cheryl was still sipping her smooth strawberry when she saw a sworn enemy enter. The single a.k.a Aldo resek! Cheryl had to retract her words yesterday, and the guy is so handsome and cool

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