Author: Rose Marberry


With tough arguments and being willing to cut off her friendship with Rose because she didn't want to be ready to accompany Cheryl, Rose finally agreed, and they would skip college. For the sake of Cheryl's prince . They will look at the prince of the middle-now where kingdom.

A cunning plan had been crafted in Cheryl's brain, which was only a few Pentiums. It's time for the mission to start.

They arrived at the cafe, looking very crowded with a sea of people gathering. Cheryl's guts sank immediately. Her face suddenly became hot, and her heart was beating faster. Her pancreas was throbbing.

I just wanted to go home and attend lectures while sitting sweetly listening to the lecturers' babble. Hissed Cheryl.

"Get off quickly." Rose attracts Cheryl. Because suddenly, Cheryl's guts subsided.

"Get off, if you don't want our friendship to break up." With the threat from the two friends who went wrong, eventually, one of them would give in.

"Tsk. Just go home, and sleeping beauty. We can come here sometime." Cheryl said pitifully.

"One, down, two ... Fuc .. this!" Shouted Rose.

"I'm off." Because Cheryl knows her crazy friend likes to be reckless.

She mirror for a moment, Cheryl made sure that her bangs were still in their original place. And her eyes are always black.

Make sure that her makeup doesn't wear off. She resprays Rose perfume.

"Huh! I think I have to sell perfume here, one spray $50." Rose complained because every item she bought, she never fully felt.

Cheryl took another Rose baby powder and put it on. Ok, her face is white and beautiful, like Lisa Blackpink.

"Please accompany me."

"Huh, nope!"

"Please, please." Cheryl winked a few times at Rose and finally Rose took a deep breath and came out.

"Thanks babe." Cheryl hugged her best friend. For Cheryl, Rose's body is the best to embrace because it's so soft, like meat for steaks.

Finally, they entered the cafe. All eyes are on them, except for Cheryl's soul mate. He remains focused on his cellphone. I swear, so wrong. Cheryl's message he ignored, and he was holding the cellphone now.

Cheryl took a deep breath and cleared her throat for a moment. I can, and I can do this. She continued to recite a prayer and walked towards the crowd of men.

The hordes are busy with their games on their cellphones. Cheryl envies the cellphone, wants to be in that cellphone position. Held and watched every time.

Cheryl closed her eyes.

"Honey, why don't you reply to my message? More fun that game than me?" Shameless? Yes. Even with complete fear, Cheryl's trembling worked. All are in shock. She smiled with satisfaction.

Cheryl smiled at the crowd of men there.

"I'm Cheryl, Juna's girlfriend. Understandably, my boyfriend is shy, so he doesn't want to admit our relationship openly." And Juna, just gaping.


Welcome to Cheryl's story.

A cheerful girl who covers all her wounds by doing silly things.

P.s : Sorry if you guys find many grammar errors and ambygous words. English is not my first language. But, I'll try my best.

Thank you for enjoying the story 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗.

Btw, My name is Rose tho. Lol😹😹😹😹😹.

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