Chapter 55.

After all of my excitement over winning the bet against Foxie, and most importantly, being blessed with another pair of twins, girl twins! We all sat around the table, Foxie sitting right next to me pretending to sulk but the excitement on her face evident, and on my left was Khaili while Khuli sat on the left of his mother.

Both extremely excited to welcome their baby sisters not so long from now, well to be specific it was two months from now. It's really funny how time flies by really quickly, not so long ago I was begging her to take me back and now we are here about to have two more babies, I can't wait!


"Yeah?" I met her brown eyes that were wide open, looking all innocent yet she was far away from that, she was licking the icing off from her fingers and I wondered if that's what she called me for, either way, I would still enjoy the teasing.

Pinching my arm her eyes looked mischievous but it was obvious that isn't what she was calling me for.

"Where's Jerome?" She asked as
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