The Falling Of Us. (Book 2)
The Falling Of Us. (Book 2)
Author: ScorpioFulu

Chapter 1.


I stand in front of the door hesitant on getting in. I see people up on the balcony drinking and wonder why on earth I agreed to come here. Specifically when I knew my heart would be beating out my chest ready to drop.

"Stop being a pussy." Bo nudged my shoulder as he walked through the door. I followed suit and was immediately engulfed in so many scents. But only one was lingering in my nose and I so wanted to follow it.

"Karabo! Khalil! I'm so glad you guys made it!" A woman whom I haven't seen in so long shouted excitedly. She looks happier with her wife close to her, anyone can see she's very possessive with her.

"Thank you for inviting Khali, I was coming either way." Bo answered hugging them both and I hugged them too. It's been way too long without seeing friends

"How have you been Zuso?" I asked giving them a smile, they really did seem happy and I wanted to know if that's how they've been feeling.

"We've been great Khalil. It's been so long! How have you been?" Zo replied with a huge grin. I couldn't help but smile at the love that seemed to stay alive between them for so long.

"I've been good too." I replied which Bo snorted to rolling his eyes.

"He hasn't been good at all, he's been just a rock living through life." Bo said, "ouch!" He yelped out after I slapped his head. He still talks way too much for my liking.

Zuso giggle and clear their throats after I looked at them with my eyebrow raised.

"Uhm, the real party is upstairs on the balcony. Enjoy." Thuso said, we walked all the way upstairs and arrived at the balcony. It's fairly littered with people, not too much but not less either.

We walk over to what's set up as a bar and order our drinks, I stand there probably looking like I own the place but I don't really know anyone except for Zo and Thuso and obviously the idiot I'm with.

"Shit there goes Zeigh, how do I look?" Bo asked me straightening his tie and I looked at him confused. Who the hell is Zeigh?

"You look like Bo." I state shrugging my shoulders.

"Wonderful." He said and walked away to some lady who was standing in a group of other ladies. She leaves that group and goes over to hug Bo, Woah. He seems genuinely interested in her, like really really interested in her.

I order another drink seeing to that I'm alone and also wondering why I agreed to come here, but that thought immediately flies out my head the moment I see her.

She's standing next to the balcony railing talking to three men who seem to be engrossed in what she's saying. She seems to also be very interested in what she's talking about, and happy.

She looks stunning! Six years without seeing her and she's glowing. Wearing a skin-tight dress with her luscious thighs and ass complimented by it. Her cleavage is out which I see one of the men staring down at it.

I know she's not mine anymore but that gets me really mad and I just want to snap his head off. She slapped his arm lightly and pointed to her eyes which had all the men laughing, but the creep was blushing furiously.

I walk over to where she's standing finally winning the battle I had in my head. I walk slowly and she seems to be laughing at some joke one of the men made when her eyes meet mine.

Her breath hitches and she just stared at me until I arrived, she shakes her head and nods her head to whatever these men were saying.

"Ah, Mr Mancuso. What a pleasant surprise to finally meet you!" A man who seemed to be in his forties extending his hand to shake mine, I shake his hand and all the other men.

"Yes. What a pleasant surprise it is." She muttered with a tight-lipped smile and my eyes glimmered with humour and I smirked at her.

"You know Rina?" The creep said with an accent and I looked at him.

"Yes, long time friends."

"If so Miss Rina, you could sell your idea to your friend here. I'm sure he would be willing to invest in it with more money than we are!" The other man said.

"And I will top it off." The creep raised his glass to Rina winking at her.

"I highly doubt that." I said smiling at him widely, "Could you guys please give me some time with the birthday girl. I haven't seen her in so long!" I asked the men and they all left. Comes with power I guess.

"Hey." I whispered smiling at her.

"Oh, God." She muttered looking down, she finally looks up at me smiling back, "I don't know if I should slap you, pour you with this drink or shout at you." 

"You could hug me." I told her hopefully.

She stepped in my open arms and put her hands around my neck and I wrapped mine around her waist. She inhaled deeply and I did the same. I missed her so much.

Her in my arms brought a feeling of nostalgia. It brought back memories of us together and of us not together anymore. The smell of her came with peace and love. Something I haven't felt in a long time.

She unwrapped her arms around my neck and stepped back, and I hesitantly took one back as well.

"I've missed you so much!" I finally spoke after us just staring at each other.

"No Khalil. I don't want to know." She shakes her head vigorously.

"You have no idea how much I've been wanting to see you again Foxie." I whispered walking closer to her and she took another step back, I stopped when I saw her finger.

She followed my direction of sight and immediately hid her hand behind her back. But it was too late, I had already seen the ring in her left hand. 

"You're married?" I whispered not believing my eyes.

As she was about to answer Bo came shouting excitedly and picked her up spinning around with her arms around his neck. She was laughing and squealing yelling for him to put her down.

"Argh, I've missed you bestie!" She spoke catching her breath and smiling widely at him.

"Girl! What you talking about, it hasn't been that long!" 

"Yeah right! Two months without you seeing your...Oh God here they come." she said laughing as some screaming came our way.

"Uncle Bo!" Two kids screamed jumping onto him and hugging him tightly, "We missed you!" They both spoke at the same time.

"If so, give your uncle a kiss." He spoke to them in a kids voice, both planted a kiss on his cheeks and laughed.

They jumped off him and ran to Rina and she held their hands.

"Mommy, Aunt Zo said you'll read to us tonight!" Married and has children?

"Really? Aunt Zo is being unfair because today is her day. And you guys wouldn't be so mean to mommy on her birthday right?" She spoke to them crouching down to their level and tickling both of them and they squealed in laughter.

"No mommy. We love you this much to be mean to you!" They opened their arms to their full extent to show the love. That had me smiling and wishing I was her husband and the father of her children.

"Mommy loves you a hundred times that. Too much in fact. Now greet Uncle Bo's friend." She kissed both their cheeks and they turned to me.

The girl opened her mouth widely smiling with a tooth missing and extended her hand to me kicking her brothers foot to do the same as her.

I crouched down to their level to shake their hands.

"Good evening mister. Please forgive me and my brothers rudeness." She spoke in a small voice with not all the words coherent. I laughed lightly and ruffled their heads.

"Hi. What are your names?" I asked.

"My name's Khuli and my sisters name is Khaili." The boy spoke up stuttering. 

"Names fit for a Prince and Princess." I said feeling the urge to kiss their foreheads.

"Alright, baby's, time for you guys to go to bed." Rina said pulling them away from me, Bo took them from her and told her he would put them to bed. "You sure?"

"Yeah. And I'm sure they want me to. Right kids?" He asked and they shouted they response.

"Thank you. Goodnight baby, mommy loves you to the moon and beyond!" She blew kisses to them and they kissed her cheeks.

"Goodnight mommy and mister." They said hanging off Bo's shoulders as he walked away with them.

She watched until they disappeared into the house. Her eyes held so much love for her children and you could see she was happy with how her life turned out. I hope that there's still some space for me in it.

I cleared my throat and she looked back at me. She took a sip of her champagne and closed her eyes.

"So those are your kids?" I asked starting a conversation.

"Yeah. Khuli and Khaili. A very naughty duo." She said laughing and looking out into space.

"Beautiful. Where's your husband, the father?" Her head snapped back to me and she looked conflicted.

"No husband, and father. Absent." 

"But you wearing a ring." I pointed out. She just laughed and looked at the ring.

"Oh, you mean this thing. It's a stop nonsense. Meant to tell the world I'm taken but doesn't really stop creeps from looking at me as if they want to ravage me." She spoke pointing to the guy that was staring at her cleavage.

"Oh. But you honestly look gorgeous." I told her and she blushed and murmured a thank you.

"Foxie can we talk over lunch or something during this week while I'm still here."

"Can you please not call me Foxie. It's Rina." She spoke leaving no room for discussion, just when I was about to respond Bo came back panting.

"The kids say they want a goodnight kiss from their mommy." He said chuckling.

"Of course! Thank you so much for coming to my birthday party guys. Means a lot for a twenty-five-year-old mother." She laughed hugging Bo. Its been that long?

"Anytime sweetie. Anytime." He said letting go.

She looked at me and nodded her head but I wasn't having that. I grabbed her by her waist and pulled her into a tight hug.

"You will always be Foxie to me. Always." I whispered in her ear and let her go.

"Goodnight. Zuso will see you out." She walked away and I couldn't help but stare at her ass. That ass!

"Argh dude stop being a perv!" Bo shook his head walking away.

Time to fight for her.

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