Chapter 2.

                                               Foxie/ Rina

"Oh fuck Foxie you feel so good around me." He groans in my ear as he thrusts into me. I moan out when I feel him hit my sweet spot.

He angles his hips and hits my spot a numerous amount of times. "Mhh daddy!" I shout loving the way he fucks me.

I feel myself convulsing around him ready to cum all over him.

He leans down and kisses my cheeks, why the hell is he kissing my cheeks instead of my lips.

Actually two sets of lips are kissing me, the hell!?

Giggles, wait a minute. K giggles? I let out a short of laughter and the giggling continues.

I open my eyes to find my two demons on top of me giggling and kissing my cheeks.

"Wake up mommy!"

"Matsheloni!" They both shout out at the same time. [Good morning]

I groan and kiss both their cheeks, "Good morning my angels. How'd you sleep?" I ask and they both cover their noses.

"Ew! Mommy didn't brush her teeth." Khaili giggles and Khuli covers his nose in disgust. 

"Well since you guys are so disgusted, guess what mommy is going to do now! Tickle monster!" I grab them before they run away and tickle their sides and they beg for me to stop.

"Ma! Please stop!" Khuli yells laughing with snorts in between and Khaili's laugh is silent and that's how I know they've had enough.

I kiss both their cheeks and get off the bed, "go on. Mommy is coming to make breakfast!" I tell them as I head to the bathroom to freshen up.

I sit on the toilet and do my business, as I'm sitting I realize I had a dream about him again. He's been tormenting my dreams for a week ever since he came to my birthday party.

I haven't seen him since but his been texting and calling, obviously, I've been ignoring them. I don't feel ready to talk to him yet.

I finish brushing my teeth and head downstairs to find them sitting on their chairs watching a show on their iPad. They've put all the ingredients on the table as well. My cute angels though.

"You guys want tortillas for breakfast?" I eye the wraps and they eagerly nod their heads. I laugh and get started on breakfast.

As I'm halfway through, a knock on the door disturbs me and I walk to check who it is.

I open it and immediately regret not asking who it is. He looks mighty fine in his suit, he got bigger and looks all manlier now. He also grew his hair, cut on the sides and neatly combed. Flipping hot!

Six years later and he's still able to get me wet, just by looking at me. I see him eyeing my thighs and I snap my fingers in front of his eyes.

"Hey buddy, my eyes are up here." And his eyes immediately snap up to mine. He smirks and I know whatever reply is about to come out here will piss me off and also get me wet.

"Yeah, but what I'm willing to talk to is down there." He responds running his tongue over his teeth.

"What do you want?" I changed the topic getting to the point of his visit.

"Wanted to see you." He said shrugging his shoulders.

"Well, you did. Goodbye." I try to close the door but he stops me.

"Listen, can I just get in. I really want to talk to you." He asked with pleading eyes and I couldn't resist, I opened the door a bit more and motioned for him to come in which he did.

"We were still making breakfast. Hope you hungry." I walk into the kitchen with him hot on my tail. As I enter, I find that they finished making the rest of the food, "You guys didn't have to finish it off. I was coming back." I said feeling guilty that my children made the food.

"Well, we saw you were already done so we finished up. I put the food on the plates and Khuli made your morning tea mommy." Khaili responds sitting down on her seat, "And we also counted your friend as well." She finished off with a smile.

I walk over and kiss their heads, my whole life revolves around them. I hear K groan behind me and yelp at how close he is.

I stand up to my full short height and he leans down to whisper in my ear, "If you bend over like that in front of me Foxie, I will carry you and fuck you in the first room I find!" He chuckled as he heard my gasp.

Somebody clears their throat and I see it's Khuli, "Mister, there's your seat." He points to the chair far away from mine. Wow, my baby is protective at the age of six, well turning six next year, so cute. I smirk when I see his smirk deflate and kiss Khuli's head then Khaili's.

I sit down and they immediately bring their hands to mine, I see K looking at us confused this time it's Khaili's turn to clear her throat, "Mister, join your hands with ours. We pray before we eat." His mouth falls open in an O form and he does as Khaili asked.

Today was Khuli's turn to pray, "Thank you God for the food that you've blessed us with and for our beautiful mommy who loves us to the moon and beyond. Thank you for the farmers and stores that sell us food, and I also thank you for my beautiful sister Khaili and for the mister you've brought today. In the name of Jesus, we love you from the depths of our hearts and are grateful. Amen."

We all eat in a comfortable silence until K began to talk, "This is good Foxie. Still have it in you." He winks and I murmur a thank you, "It tastes delicious, I wonder if you still taste like that." He said and I choked on my tea.

"Mommy, you okay?" I nod my head rapidly and K smirks. I knew it, there always has to be an innuendo in everything.

"Go get ready, your tutors come in an hour's time." I told them and they got up heading to their room. I gather all the dishes and wash them. I can feel a presence right behind me and I won't even turn around.

"Still wearing these long shirts I see." He tugs on the shirt and his hand moves slowly from my waist to my thighs. I put both my hands on the zinc to support myself when he squeezes my thigh.

"Don't you miss me Foxie? Don't you miss daddy?" He whispered in my ear and my breath hitched, I can feel him smirk against my neck and he plants kisses along my neck biting it. 

I turn around and push him away, "Where's your wife? You married now aren't you?" I asked him and I see his face turn into a frown.

"I am married but..." 

"That clears it doesn't it? Don't touch me and don't come near me K."

"If you could just listen to me..." I tilted my head a bit and narrowed my eyes.

"You've developed an accent, been living in the UK for the past six years?" I asked in interest, he sighed and nodded his head knowing I won't listen to whatever he has to say.

"Yeah, after you left without letting me explain. I took my things and left this place." He emphasized the words.

"With your wife right?" I asked knowing he had no right to be saying I left for no reason.

"Yes, but you're not even giving me a chance to explain." He said through gritted teeth.

"There's nothing to explain K. You married and happy. I'm a mother and also happy. End of story." I answered with a smile walking away.

He grabbed me by my waist and kissed me, at first I was frozen but as his lips kept moving on mine and his tongue licking for entrance, I kissed him back allowing his tongue entrance and I moaned into the kiss to which he moaned to too, his hands grab my ass and as he's about to pick me up.

"Mommy the tutors here!" I heard Khaili shouting from the living room and I push K away, I go to open the door and K follows behind me.

I open the door for the tutor and she gets in, "Good morning Rina." She greets with a smile, I told everyone to greet me with my name, this surname shit doesn't work for me. 

"Hey, Tammy! How's Joe?" I asked her with a smile.

"He's doing better now. Thank you so much for your help!" 

"No problem Tam! They're in the study and ready with everything hopefully, I couldn't do it cause I was still catching up with a friend." I point to K who's been standing there awkwardly, he extends his hand at the mention of a friend and they shake hands.

She leaves heading for the study, "Now where were we?" K said leaning in and I moved away and opened the door wider for him.

"You married K, can't be a homewrecker. I have children to think about now." I whispered looking at him in the eye, he nodded his head and got out. I closed the door and ran up my room and locked it. 

I slid down the door and rested my head on my knees with tears threatening to spill out of my eyes when a text came through.

Flippin' hot Ares: Just so you know, I'm working on getting out of this contract. I haven't touched her and will never touch her. Not as long as you're what I want. 

I read the message and sighed, bestie had explained the marriage was organized but I still couldn't find it to get over my pride and run to him.

In all truths, I'm scared as shit of what could happen if I gave my heart to him again, I just can't do that. I have children to think about before my own needs.

But he still has your heart.

Hey! How are y'all? Hope you keeping good and safe. 

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