Chapter 3.

She's being really tough, tougher than I thought she would. So I came up with another strategy, seeing that she has no husband and the children's father isn't present, I'll use that as an advantage.

I walk up to her porch and knock, Khaili opens the door and looks up at me with a huge grin hugging my legs, "Hey Mr K!"

"What are you doing here so early?" Khuli asked trying to deepen his voice and I broke into a huge grin and he scowled. His sister hit his head and he grumbled in pain.

"You idiot! Stick to the plan." Plan? She looked at me and grinned, "Come in. But keep it down, mommy is still sleeping." She put a finger on her lips.

"Can you show me where mommy's room is?" I asked them crouching down to their level, Khuli glared at his sister and muttered something about her plan not going to work.

"Hmm. Come on!" She grabbed my hand with her small hand and pulled me upstairs, it seemed as if Khuli was also joining in on the mischievousness of his sister because he led the way.

After passing two bedrooms we finally reached her room at the end of the hallway, the door was open but she was still sleeping. 

"Mommy leaves it open if we ever get scared." Khaili whispers and Rina moans out and I see her hand trailing down her body, "Aunt Zo says we should leave the room whenever mommy does that. She says she's having a dream and it will pass on to us and eat us if we don't leave her alone."

Zoé really is a character, "Know what, why don't you guys go downstairs and I'll wake mommy up." I crouched down to their level and they nodded running out the room. I closed her bedroom door and locked it.

I crawl to the bed to hear what she's saying.

"Fuck K!" She moans out as her fingers reach her bud of fun nerves, so she's dreaming about me. Having a wet dream about me.

I replace her fingers with mine and she thrusts her hips into my hand, I slowly rub her clit and dip one finger into her pulling it out rubbing her juices on her clit and she releases a low moan.

I push two fingers inside her and drag them, curling my fingers immediately finding her spot. Her pussy clenches around my fingers and I'm surprised to feel that she's still tight, I trail my hand up her shirt and squeeze her boob. I pinch that chocolate bud and she moans louder.

My thrusts become quicker and she screams, I cover her mouth not wanting to alarm the children. She immediately opens her eyes and screams, I replace my hand with my mouth kissing her.

At first, she resists but after I thrust my tongue inside her tongue meets mine and I groan, she pulls away and covers her mouth with her hand with wide eyes.

I chuckle and speed up my thrusts and she squeezes her eyes shut nearing her climax, she lowly moans into her hands meeting my thrusts moving her hips on my hand.

I move my thumb over her clit and her walls clench around my fingers cuming hard with her juices spilling out.

She sighs when I remove my fingers and squeals when I bring my fingers to my mouth to taste her, fuck she still tastes good.

I lean down to kiss her and she jumps off the bed and stands across me in her shirt.

"What the hell are you doing here!?" She whispers yell at me and I just stare at her, "Hello! Are you a fucking mute now?" She gets a towel that was on the couch next to her and wraps it around her waist.

I smirk at her actions and she releases a groan walking into the bathroom, I follow behind her and caged her between the counter and me.

"What are you doing here?" She asked again looking at me through the mirror, I bent down to bite her neck and she tilted it more as I sucked on the exposed skin but as soon as she realized what I was doing she pulled away.

"I need to get ready for work. You can find your way out."

"I thought you were the CEO of your company?" 

"Yeah, so?" She asked confused opening the shower.

"CEOs make their own hours baby." I growled going after her and she puts her hand out and points to the door, "Fo-..."

"Out! I have to get ready." She said in her mom voice and I obliged leaving her to take her shower, look at the bright side she didn't say anything about me sneaking in and finger fucking her.

She's totally falling under my charms. I head downstairs and see the K twins on their gadgets whispering something to each other but as soon as they saw me their whispers subsided which added to my curiosity.

"Are you guys hungry?" I asked feeling guilty I took their mothers time, they both nodded their heads and I opened the fridge to see what's there.

In all honesty, it was difficult to find the fridge because it looked like everything else in the kitchen, Khuli had to come and push on something and it opened.

It was packed and organized, clean but I couldn't see the food, the drawers were really blurred and I didn't even know how to open them.

"Just speak into the fridge and call out whatever you want." Khuli said going back to his iPad.

"Eggs?" I spoke out more of a question, I didn't understand what was going on. But the coolest thing happened after I spoke, a drawer became clearer and opened revealing eggs neatly packed. Damn this is cool, I looked at it with a huge grin and all I could think about was how I should get this fridge.

"You can't. Mommy had it custom made for herself, she's still testing it but she's ready to get a whole lot of them manufactured for her clients." Khaili spoke.

"Your mother designed this?" I asked astonished and proud that my Foxie built something so great that could make her millions.

"Yes. She first introduced the idea to her previous boss who said it was stupid. So she opened her own company and started experimenting with Aunt Una, she's an electrician and other people. It's really awesome to see how they create these things." Khuli spoke proudly of his mother, and to be honest this is something to be proud of. Like some sort of a smart fridge.

I made the breakfast calling out so many other stuff because I was having fun, but now came the problem of cleaning up. I couldn't find the bin.

"Left of fridge, last cabinet." Khuli sighed, he probably thinks I'm an idiot. I found the cabinet and pressed it with my leg and it opened.

I was in awe! The bin had different compartments that had labels where different waste goes, she was really organized it's crazy! I threw the waste in the respective compartments and finished cleaning up the kitchen.

As I was dishing up for the kids, she came downstairs looking gorgeous, she was wearing a white dress and a coat over it, she had her laptop bag with her and handbag talking over the phone.

She kissed both their heads and I pointed to my cheek to also get a kiss but she just glared at me. She made her coffee and stood there talking over the phone when she was done she came and sat down at the table and I couldn't help but think of how real all of this feels.

I and her could've been married right now and these could've been our children, both CEOs of our companies and still very much in love with each other. Still a dream.

We join hands and pray after Khaili prayed we dug into our food and I think I heard an approving moan from her and I smirked, she still loves my food.

"Khuli and Khaili." She spoke in a stern voice after she was done washing the dishes.

"Mma?" They both spoke at the same time but in a careful tone.

"What did I say about opening the door for strangers?" She crouched down to their levels and looked at them with a look I've never seen before, I was crapping my pants.

"Hey, I'm not a strang..." I kept quiet after she looked at me grinding her teeth.

"But mma, he isn't a stranger. We saw pictures of you two together and you looked happy. I'm sorry I opened the door." Khuli took the blame for his sister.

Rina noticed but I guess she was still stunned by them seeing pictures of us together from back then and to be honest, I was stunned too.

"I just want you guys to be safe ok. I'm not angry and you have nothing to be sorry about. Just come to me before you open the door baby. I love you both very much and wouldn't want anything to happen to you guys, my life would end!" She pulled them into a hug and kissed their heads and a tear escaped her eye but she quickly wiped it off.

"We love you too mommy. And it wasn't Khuli who opened the door." Khaili confessed, and Rina smiled at them and kissed their cheeks.

"I know. You're the naughty one between the two of you." She grinned and they laughed, "Go get ready Tammy is almost here. I'm going to work today." She got up grabbing her bags.

"Will you be back early to cook dinner?" Khuli asked looking up at her.

"Would I ever miss cooking Friday dinners baby?" She asked pinching his cheek and he laughed mumbling a no. "Alright, mommy loves you! Be good." She then looks at me after Tammy takes the kids, "anytime now K."

"What's so special about Friday dinners?" I asked curiously.

"Goodbye K!" She got in her car and drove away. 


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